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I couldn't believed how swiftly time passed us by. You're such a BIG GIRL now. You have no idea how you bring BRIGHT to my dull days, You turn my sad days into HAPPY DAYS & the precious part was YOU are the BEST THING that ever happened into my life. ♡♢♧☆ -------》Happy 11th Months to my oh so princess of mine. A few more weeks to go you'll be celebrating your BIG DAY & I can't wait for that day comes. ILOVEYOU.ILOVEYOU.ILOVEYOU forever my babi rafha. ??? (PS: featuring the diff. emotions of my little princess inside the TIMEZONE.) Myprecious MyOnlyGirl MyBabiRafha Firsttimer Timezone Playtime MomentsOfUs M&D Gala LakwatserangBata 051914?
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