Within hours of my dad heading out of town, the horse that he said "didn't look ready to foal" gave birth. So... We got to go love on him! Colt Morgans Nofilter Trwranch
These trouble making boys are just so gorgeous! Horses Morgans Horsesofinstagram CountryLivinG Farmlife Tetonvalley Idahome Idahogram Onlyinidaho
Overwhelmingly proud of my little cowboy! Ryleecarlos Cowboyintraining Mylittlecowboy Farmlife Countryboy Tetonvalley Idahogram Onlyinidaho Morgans Horse Horsesofinstagram Cowboy Proudmama Hesonlyfive Papasboy
Bravo. Tetonvalley Tetons Morgans Horsesofinstagram Horselove Cowgirl Farmlife Bw CountryLivinG Shescountry Shades
Breathtaking. Stampede Horses Morgans Tetonvalley Onlyinidaho Idahogram Farmlife Ranch CountryLivinG Lovewhereyoulive Idaho Home Horsesofinstagram
I'm so thankful my kids get to have these sweet moments with their papa! Brennarose Zevincarlos Morgans Papasboy Farmlife CountryLivinG Idahogram Horses Colt Oneweekold
Tractor rides & cool fall mornings. Zevincarlos Cowboy Tractor Papasboy Tetons Tetonvalley Idahome Idahogram Onlyinidaho Farmboys CountryLivinG Nofilter Nofilterneeded Horses Morgans Thelittlestcowboy Zed
When your horse doesn't know he's a horse... Bravo Farmproblems Countrylife Morganhorse Horsesofinstagram Morgans Horses Tetonvalley Onlyinidaho Idahogram Idahome Hethinksheshuman Beggingforcookies Cookiemonster
Chair Indoors  No People Leaf Table Technology Day Travel Photography Leisure Activity Full Length Miami Architecture Wynwood Miami Morgans Come for brunch here.
Perfect way to end the morning with my dad and my two littles! Tetonvalley Tetons CountryLivinG Morgans Horsesofinstagram Brennarose Zevincarlos Princess Thelittlestcowboy Wagonride Papasboy Wells Medinas Trwranch
Brrrrrr! Horses Morgans Trwranch Winter Horsesofinstagram Palomino Beautifulhorses Nofilter Nofilterneeded CountryLivinG Farmlife Idaho Idahome Idahogram Onlyinidaho Morganhorse
Kisses! Aussies Morgans Farmlife Colt Kisses
Mmm! Rum Morgans Instaliquor
Mmm rum. On our way to see Jim Jeffries Rum Morgans Morgansspiced Instaliqour alcohol @damondown