Active infection with live maggots in situ in adult male (fish vendor) approximately 7 days after receiving laceration by fish bone. Guyana Southamerica WestIndies Tropics Medicallife Healthcare Lifestyle Fish Infection Medical Medicine
Oxygen Saturation: 98 % Resting Pulse rate: 50 per minute. What does this mean ? Guyana Southamerica Health Fitness Exercise Bodybuilding Powerlifting HIIT Hiitworkout Medicine Medical Medicallife Healthcare Fit Morbidity Mortality Disease Sickness Lifestyle Nutrition Mindset Psychology Anthropology Attitude
Night shift Guyana Southamerica Medicine Healthcare Medicallife Nightshift Ambulance Night Nightphotography Medical Wheelchair Health Sickness Mortality
Sunrise this morning. Guyana Southamerica Caribbean Medicine Medical Medicallife Healthcare Health Sickness Mortality Morbidity Disease Socialcommentary Culture Tradition Lifestyle Psychology Sunrise Ambulance Wheelchair Suffering Pain Loss Death Sacrifice acceptance
Pay it forward. ???✏?Teaching Medschool Medicine Medicallife medstudents
Normal day... Guyana Southamerica Southamerican Guyanese Medicine Medicallife Medicallifestyle Medical Medicina Health Healthcare
Self-portrait: Introspection. “‎The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” --- Bruce Lee Brucelee Bruceleequotes Medicallife Nightshift GraveyardShift Guyana Southamerica Philosophy Philosophyoflife Discipline WILLPOWER Determination Psychology Humanpsychology Nokia  NokiaLumia Nokialumia1020 Cellphonephotographer
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