*Moby_Dick from the series Harvestfromharbour exploring the harbour in Rostock
*Three_blech from the series Harvestfromharbour
COAL_WITH_A_GOAL Harvestfromharbour taken at  überseehafen Rostock
MODERN CASTLE taken from the project Harvestfromharbour I shot in the and industry harbour of Rostock
ROSTOCK PORT Look at Harvestfromharbour to see the other shots from this series from the great Industrialart from Rostock port.
LITTLE LAMP All pics from Harvestfromharbour are taken in the harbour of Rostock with a Nikon D 40 on a cold day in January. Enjoy!
PiPES_KNOW_WHERE_TOGO Harvestfromharbour
MOUTH OF A CRANE, watch Harvestfromharbour to see more minimal pics from industry and architecture from the harbour of Rostock.
THE_COLOR_OF_COAL taken at überseehafen Rostock from my series Harvestfromharbour
ROSTOCK PORT Another shot taken from Harvestfromharbour I visited some time ago. Industrialart can even be colourful!
ROSTOCK PORT, INDUSTRY Last year I've been to Rostock harbour to take photos, that I want to share with you, its a lot of great material that I want to share with you. Feel free to follow Harvestfromharbour , if you are interested in exceptional shots from Abstractarchitecture , Minimal Industrialart and vanishing perspective. All photos taken with a Nikon D 40 and edited by me. Thanks for sharing!
ROSTOCK PORT AND INDUSTRY, Look out for more Abstractarchitecture on Harvestfromharbour , a shooting I had some time ago in the  überseehafen in Rostock . rsa_minimal ic_minimal igersrostock
*sunset_in_blech_no3 from the series Harvestfromharbour "The world is not what it seems to you, it's only a reflection."
CLOUD-MAKING-MACHINE Looking for another contribution to Grimyniwall I found one pic that might fit. It's from a series I started yesterday called Harvestfromharbour , about the port and its industry in Rostock . The invitation to take part in that contest goes to @heisenbergo, who's photos I like a lot.
PIPES NOT KNOWING WHERE TO GO from the series Harvestfromharbour
SUNSET IN BLECH in industrial port of Rostock , look for more pics on Harvestfromharbour