I'm in a mood of dark chocolate. Tart Chocolat'. Chocolate Dough, Tablea Custard Filling (Malagos 65% cocoa), Cocoa Soil and Cacao nibs and Dark Chocolate Pomegranate. :) Darker than black. Malagoschocolates Pastryporn Chocolate Tart foodgasm foodwhore foodporn
Trying something new using local ingredient. And yes its chocolate. Tablea Ganache that needs to set. I hope it works on the next day. The taste was bittersweet but adding salt really brings out the flavor and adding a little bit of honey and invert sugar helps to sweeten it up the mixture plus it brings out the glossy look. :) Chocolate Malagoschocolates Ganache Pastryporn pastry basicsauces
Few best buy that could find with such a great price. Organic and local. :) Black rice, Cacao Nibs, Organic chocolates, and sea salt. MAFBEX2014 Malagoschocolates