Shooting in Los Angeles this weekend and offering a special deal to the next 4 people to book! Message me for info! Pictured above is @jaimielynnfitness Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography Check the fan page for details on our @fitnessgurls cover model contest!
BTS cell pic with @ Rachelle_babyy today for @fitnessgurls magazine! Lhgfxphotography Lhgfx
Needed a break from the snow ;) Hope you all have an amazing holiday season surrounded by happiness and love. Be blesseed! @lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphoto Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography
Bts with @jessicaarevalo_ yesterday!  cellphone pic Nofilter Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography
Behind the scenes with @michelle_lewin_ / @michelle_lewin for @fitnessgurls Cover shoot in Miami @lhgfxphoto @allen_lhgfx Lhgfxphoto Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography
Best way I know how to celebrate Valentine's Day is by sharing special moments! Friends of mine enjoying the moment, each other, and the miracle of life! Love has no physical weight yet weighs more than anything! Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography
I love shooting in San Diego!!! I will be down there this weekend March 14-17. I have a couple openings left on Sunday. Email me for info! Model is @jennyheu This image was in @fitnessgurls 2013 swim issue and we are putting submissions together for 2014. Which will be shot exclusively by Lhgfxphotography !
"Every human thought and every human action is based in either love or fear. There is no other motivation." - Unkown Model: @kristenloniebikinis @lhgfxphoto Lhgfx Lhgfxphoto Thefashionsideof Lhgfxphotography love motivation
"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." - Ronald Reagan On this Christmas Eve, enjoy your family and friends, but don't lose sight of the reason for the season. Random acts of kindness make the world a better place! Merry Chritmas! @lhgfxphoto @allen_lhgfx @leelhgfx Lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphotography Lhgfx MerryChristmas
"Be the change you wish to see" - Conversations with God Cover model @audrinapatridge shot in malibu for @fitnessgurls. MUA by @paradigmbeauty @lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphotography Lhgfxphoto Audrinapatridge Fitnessgurls @allen_lhgfx @leelhgfx
"Forgiveness is the toughest, most meaningful job in life" Model @michelle_lewin_ Doyouevensquat ? Still just thinking about booking with us? Lhgfxphoto Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography
I hope this Christmas brought blessings, joy and love for you and all of your loved ones! The best gifts of all are not thises that can be placed under a tree, but, those the fill us with hope, friendship and love. @brendy_bpisports @lhgfxphoto MerryChristmas Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography Lhgfxphoto
@jessicaarevalo_ Unedited Nofilter Do you have your shoot booked yet? Sacramento is next! Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography
Make the most of every day and live each moment in gratitude. Model: @mishxtreme @lhgfxphoto Lhgfx Lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphotography Sunset sunrise model fitnessgurls
Sunday fun day enjoying a sun shower in Houston! Here for 3 more days with @allen_lhgfx. Then back to LA before heading to the Arnold Classic in OH! Unedited Nophotoshop Nofilter Lhgfxphotography lhgfx
The sinner and the saint are merely exchanging notes. The saint has a past and the sinner has a future. Model @anadfitness @lhgfxphoto Always beautiful, gracious and humble, we love working with Ana D! Lhgfxphoto Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography Anadfitness @allen_lhgfx @leelhgfx
Valentines Day is coming all too fast! Give that someone special something thats worth a thousand words ;) Book your shoot in LA by messaging me at: Or find me on facebook! Lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphotography Model - @princessfitt @lhgfxphoto
Excited to start off the New Year being featured on the cover of @fitnessgurls with @audrinapatridge! Makeup by @paradigmbeauty @lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphotography Lhgfx Fitnessgurls audrinapatridge
BTS with @jilldunnfit! Metroflexlbc Lhgfxphotography San Diego next weekend!!!! Email me for booking info!
Had an amazing day shooting with @kristenloniebikinis yesterday! This Aussie hottie is the FAP 2013 world champion in both Model and Bikini divisions! @lhgfxphoto @fitnessamericaweekend @fitnessgurls Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography Kristenloniebikinis Fitness bikini fitnessamerica fitnessgurls
Challenges are blessings in disguise! Reflect back on the challenges you faced in 2013 and how those can help you or have already helped you and make 2014 your best year yet. Model: @michelle_lewin_ / @michelle_lewin @lhgfxphoto Happy New Year!!! Lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphotography Lhgfx Happynewyear 2014 nofilter nophotoshop
TBT  with @sierramerchant! Lhgfxphotography Lhgfx If you want to shoot beach with @lhgfxphoto, don't delay!
"The best time to start achieving your dreams in right now! " Excited for the LA Fit Expo! Weather will be amazing for shoots all week! Message me for info. Models - @chadyd @clairemrae Magazine - @fitnessgurls Lhgfxphoto Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography Fitnessgurls fitmiss
I'll be in Sacramento March 28th to April 1st! Gym and on location available! Model is @fitwithallie Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography
Little BTS of my cover shoot for @fitnessgurls with the beautifully fit moms @chadyd and @ashley_horner! MUA by @honeybeileen Lhgfxphotography Lhgfx Foreverfitmoms Foreverfit fitnessgurls
For things to change you have to change... If what you are currently doing is not does not bring happiness to your life, change what you are doing! We all deserve to be happy, but realise sometimes, all it takes is changing the way you think ;) Model @paigehathaway @lhgfxphoto Lhgfx Lhgfxphoto Lhgfxphotography Fitnessgurls shredz paigehathaway
Here's a TBT  a day early! My friend Kiran back in 2008! I'll be in SD this weekend and Sac the end of March! Lhgfx Lhgfxphotography