Waxing crescent moon.At this moon phase, the Earth, moon and sun are located nearly on a line in space. If they were more precisely on a line, as they are at new moon, we wouldn’t see the moon. The moon would travel across the sky during the day, lost in the sun’s glare, but a waxing crescent moon is far enough away from that Earth-sun line to be visible near the sun’s glare – that is, in the west after sunset. This moon phase is seen one day to several days after new moon. On these days, the moon rises one hour to several hours behind the sun and follows the sun across the sky during the day. When the sun sets, and the sky darkens, the moon pops into view in the western sky. Astrophotography Space Stars Skywatcher Canon1100d Skyatnight Lunar Moon Maksutov
Tonight's waxing crescent moon Astrophotography Astronomy Universe Moon Moonphotography Moon_of_the_day Moon_awards Lunar Science Space Skywatcher Skyatnight Canon Canon1100d Maksutov Chippenham Wiltshire Telescope
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70% of full waxing gibbous moon Moonphotography Sky_sultans Moon_of_the_day Astrophotography Astronomy Lunar Moon Skywatcher Skyatnight Science Moon_awards Canon1100d Canon Chippenham Wiltshire Sky Maksutov
93% of full waxing gibbous moon Astrophotography Astronomy Canon1100d Canon Darksky Lunar Moonphotography Moon Moon_of_the_day Moon_awards Nightsky Maksutov Thelunareport Telescope Chippenham Wiltshire Skyatnight Skywatcher Sky_sultans Blackandwhite Heq5 Ig_energy Moon_awards_bnw
Tonight's waxing gibbous moon through some thin cloud Moon_of_the_day Lunar Skywatcher Astrophotography Astronomy Moon_awards Moon Nightsky Wiltshire Chippenham Maksutov Skyatnight
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Saturn Maksutov Nightsky Rings
Taken late this afternoon with my Mak 127 Astronomy Astrophotography Space Lunar @moon_of_the_day Moon Skywatcher Maksutov Skyatnight
Shot with Canon EOS 7D with Maksutov MC-MTO11 and home made solar filter (Baader astro Solar Safety Film Solar Star Maksutov Astro Check This Out Taking Photos Check This Out Enjoying The View Taking Photos
Waxing gibbous Moon,this moon phase comes between one and two weeks after new moon. The moon has moved in its orbit so that it’s now relatively far from the sun in our sky. A waxing gibbous moon rises during the hours between noon and sunset. It sets in the early hours after midnight. Moon_of_the_day Moon Astronomy Astrophotography Skyatnight Space Skywatcher Skylovers Maksutov Lunar Canon Canon1100d Science Waxing Gibbous
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