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Wherever it takes you... "The lounge of Caracas" Venezuela's capital, is a big mountain named: El Ávila... bordering the north of Caracas, just besides of metropoly chaos, always you can go up to the avila and get disconneted from the crowded city... Each person from Venezuela around the world, look a picture of El Ávila and take a whisper... this is inside of El Ávila... this is what el Ávila means: beautiful roads, beautiful sigths, extreme sports, rainy or sunny days, cold or hot days... El Ávila always receives you with a different happy face and always stand by you, that's what been Caraqueño mean... Rural Scene Nature No People Outdoors Grass Beauty In Nature Freshness Venezuela Destinos Tranquility Caracas Road Roadside Shots Mountain Mountain Road Mountain Hiking Green Beautiful Fence Avila Caminos Caminosdelmundo EyeEmNewHere Caminos The Great Outdoors - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Turtle Mountain (montana "La tortuga) - Amazonas - Venezuela. The heart of The Amazonas... The picture I paid with blood. We were driving into the Amazonas wilderness and I realize that I need to take this picture... I got down from vehicle, put the tripode and in few seconds tousands of moquitoes began to bit me in the legs, arms, face, neck.... there were no part of my body free of mosquitoes.... they bit my skin even over the clothes!!! at the end, I had my picture!!! Amazonas Amazonas-Venezuela Atardecer Blue Hour Destinos Venezuela Atardeceres Beauty In Nature Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Hora Azul Landscape Mountain Nature Night No People Outdoors Power In Nature Scenics Silhouette Sky Sunset Tranquil Scene Tranquility Travel Destinations
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Da Série Foto no Carro. . A Caixa que Parece uma Caixa🤔 . Arquitetura Sorocabana. . . Fotonotransito Urbanismo Sorocaba Arquitetura Caixa Fotografiaderua Streetfotography Banco Fotodocarro Destinos Carphotography Fotografia Architecture Built Structure People City Outdoors Sky
Granada Architecture Built Structure History No People Building Exterior Travel Destinations Day Outdoors Carlos V Palace Refkections Reflejos Destinos Arquitectura Edificio Iglesia Church The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards
O meu Desafio é andar Sozinho Esperar no Tempo os nossos Destinos Não Olhar pra Traş , esperar a Paz O que me traz A AUSENCIA do seu Olhar !!!
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