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Awww for those of you who don't know Alfie of my favorite youtuber! (and Ricky Dillon) AW ZALFIE Zalfie Youtube PointlessBlog Alfiedeyes zoella o2l onedirection 5sos harrystyles liampayne calumhood michaelclifford louistomlinson ashtonirwin niallhoran lukehemmings zaynmalik larrystylinson zerrie sophiam
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@pointlessblog FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HE HAS BEEN MY FAVIRITE YOUTUBER FOR 2 YEARS I LOVE HIM SERIOUSLY AS MUCH AS 5SOS THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE I LOVE YOU ALFIE PointlessBlog Alfiedeyes Emabiggestfans5sos 5SOS fireproof four muke malum michaelclifford niallhoran cake cashton calumhood zaynmalik zerrie liampayne lukehemmings louistomlinson larrystylinson larryshipper harrystyles sophiam directioner ashtonirwin onedirection o2l youtube edsheeran 5sosfam 5sosrockoutwithyoursocksout
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So I'm kinda addicted to British YouTubers for 7 months now. You guys are awesome! And I hope one day I get to meet and collab with you guys. @jackharries @finnharries @zozeebo @marcusbutlertv @caspar_lee PointlessBlog British Awesome Inspiration Dream KeepCalm YouTube
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