Potraitphotography One Person Smiling Student ACCA Accounting Life Studyweek Denimjacket Goodlookin
22/12/15 Studyweek Morning Justgowithoutplanning
perhatikan molep2, nampak saya tak? 'second day @ Amni's House. enjoying skysee. Muahahha Holiday Studyweek
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02/06/16 Studyweek Again πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Ohh my December Quiz Test Presentation Studyweek FinalExam AllinOne
Everyone is back with their families or having fun with their friends , but I'm here, starring at the powerlines and bushes... Studyweek Bored Collegelife Weekends nofilter
mana harus ku hamparkan rindu tiada kesudahan. Ecece . hehe RinduFamily Studyweek :*
Semalam. Jalan jalan di kampung. 30Mei2014 Studyweek
Started to quit talking and being doing.. Studyweek Final Exam Lastsem uitmns2014
Happy monday. Happy recharging. Happy studying. Happy happy messing up. We're all strong people, all the best!!! ??? Studyweek Exam Burningthemidnightoil
Monday Morning College Studyweek Selfie