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This is my pastor... Thank you for the sermon each sunday, that makes me growing to be a better person. Jpcc Ilovejpcc Ilovemychurch Mychurchjpcc home blessed latepost
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Proverbs 30:5 Newhabit Jpcc Ilovejpcc Ilovemychurch
Boys to Men JPCC Seminar... So many things I've learned tonight to be a better man. Thanks pastor @josecarol... Jpcc Josecarol Boystomen Ilovemychurch ilovejpcc
Hey guess what... He ain't in there!! EmptyTomb Newspring Ilovemychurch !!
Love the lighting on @JPCC today! Jpcc Ilovemychurch Jakarta Church iphonesia southjakarta instagram
Sunday service! Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc
Ministração tremenda e poderoza com o ministerio de louvor Spa M12Ceara Ilovemychurch
Last week in the nursery and this little man slept on me the whole time with a donut stuck to his hand haha Ilovemychurch Necc
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Great message this morning by Ps. Sidney Mohede about GLOW IN THE DARK. Church Jpcc Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc
Pastor Rick Godwin and Pastor @josecarol is in the house. I'm so blessed with the sermon today! Thankful Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc
Lead Core Team Meeting tonight! Jpcc Ilovemychurch
Fun snorkling together with Date Tanjung Duren 5!!! Thank you for make my day sweeter, guys!! Ilovemydate Ilovemychurch
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Change your habit, changes your life Ilovejpcc Ilovemychurch Instadaily
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We are big family of DATE.... Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc Ilovemydate
Birthday Treat with Date Members... Date Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc
Date birthday gathering.. Imax movie! Secondhome Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc
Your habit makes your life... @JeffreyRachmat Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc Todaymessage Iphonesia instagramers instanesia jpcc
"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD." Psalms 122:1 KVJ. Have a blessed sunday everyone!! Ilovemychurch
Happy Birthday Our Beloved Pastor @josecarol ... Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you, in all the days of your life! ?? God bless yaa.. Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc
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Family is a God's gift for you. I'm so grateful for my Date family. There's so many many memorable moment with them. I miss u guys! Date Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc Ilovemydate
Happy sunday, everyone! Have a very blessed moment with God! Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc Church Jakarta indonesia iphonesia
JPCC Worship on Passover Celebration, yesterday!! Ilovejpcc Ilovemychurch Jakarta Church instagramers instanesia
All nighter to prepare a membership class for two couples? I've gon' lost mah mind. Ilovemychurch Dat5thwheellife Tooearlyforanylikes Idontpostforlikes imissmylaptop
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I love my church, JPCC! Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc Church Jakarta Instanesia iphonesia
Pastor @josecarol on first Single Night Service! Ilovejpcc Ilovemychurch
Our GOD be glorified...! Jpccworship Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc
15 minutes to go!!! Yeaaahh ???? Ilovemychurch Ilovejpcc Liverecordingone Picoftheday
One voice from One house to the GREAT ONE! Ilovejpcc Ilovemychurch
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