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My new Pinecones for my Collection at Home ... Souvenir from around the Nation & the World that you Cantbuy but must Earn with a find along your Travels when it catches your eye - Just dont harm the living Trees ...! ;) LakeConroe Samhouston Nationalforest Explore Adventure New Sites and Experience
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This DraggonFly ( EasternPondHawk ) travelled with me on my entire hike on the Lonestar Trail in Samhouston Nationalforest , always landing and peepin me out every time I stopped to Absorb my Surroundings . I got a few great shots but Love this one... She had brothers and sisters join in on our journey but she always stayed juat ahead of me as if she was guiding me. For me this Beautiful being embodied my Angels that watch over me. Blessed  Hiking Exploring ProgressiveRelaxation Feedingmysoul Greatoutdoors TheLittleThingsInLife is what I mostly Appreciate Goout MakeItHappen Nature Wildlife Special Noedit taken with my LGG4 Manualfocus
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