A bar of soap. Bored Instacrap
You can't be UGLY and den play ''hard to get''. it doesn't work that way; you're already ''Hard To Want'' keep waiting....Mischievous Instacreep Instanature Instacrap uglywomen worworgirls
Kanyang-kanya tayo ng trip. Wag makialam. >:) Photospam Instacrap Instadaily Instapacute uso_insta wagkayongKJ atsaka Bitter triplang bored b&w usohashtags bow
It's been proven that there r no more bones left for the patient dog Insane Pix Instacreep Instacrap
To all my haters, I realize u have one advantage over me...u can kiss my arse but I can't. Instapicmix Instacrap
Well... statistically it's d truth. Instapicmix Instacrap Reality Funnyfacts
Things we do for love.....Mischievous Instapicmix Crazymorning Instacrap lovelyish
Believe it or not this shit is happening. Looool Instacrap Instacreep Crazy
It is what it is....Reality Instapicmix Instacrap
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