Darkness can not overcome light . Evil can not prevail over good. By the grace of God we will win the war against eveil. Bringbackourgirlsnow. We take a stand for Thechibokgirls
It is wrong to do nothing because you can do a little. Lend your voice too , say something about it. Bringbackourgirlsnow Thechibokgirls Naija
One can't imagine the agony that the parents of the girls that were kidnapped will be right now. What state of mind after their kids were taken away be terrorists. May God arise on all our behalfs and bring them back safe. Bringbackourgirls Thechibokgirls
Please say a prayer for Thechibokgirls . Why man inhumanity to man? May God help us. Bringbackourgirlsnow. Photo campaign by Sholaanimashaunphotography
Ara the awesome drummer takes a stand for Thechibokgirls Bringbackourgirls Naija
We are the government. If the power that be is not doing enough, then we should all take a stand . Take a stand for the Thechibokgirls Bringbackourgirlsnow Sholaanimashaunphotography
We are the government, when we all stan together, Evil will not thrive. Bringbackourgirlsnow Nigeria Thechibokgirls