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New photo series now online. My last day in Erbil was spent with Peshmerga soldiers getting trained on how to find and destroy IEDs. It's estimated that between 70-80 percent of battlefield casualties are caused by these types of devices: November 12, 2015. Iraq Kurdistan Conflict War Training Peshmerga The Week On EyeEm Editor's Picks
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Mosul Border With Hero Peshmerga Mosul Peshmerga Kurdistan Naweran Photooftheday War Freedom
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Peshmerga Peshmarga Weareallpeshmarga Donation for peshmarga
Work Time... Female Fighter Peshmerga Kurdistan K24
Rainbow Duhok Kurdistan Photo By  ABDuhoki After The Rain Afternoon Sky Skyduhok Peshmerga Bestshot
Peshmerga Kurdistan Iraq Kurdish Man Love Frends
Forever in my heart Kurdistan Kurdish Peshmerga Supportpeshmerga
This happy by Peshmerga Supaspeshmerga
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Kanske dags att kolla upp fingret? Peshmerga
A female freedom fighter in Iraq EyeEmNewHere Woman Female Fighter Gun Kurdish One Person Peshmerga Rifle Weapon