Silly boy!!! Babynephew Jayveecutie Ilovethisboy
Titanephewbonding My nephew is so cute!!! Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Titanangnanglovesyouforever I love you baby
Happy Birthday Again baby boy!!! Tita Loves You again..???? Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Titaandnephew Titanangnanglovesyouforever
Why so serious? Nephewbaby Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Iloveyoubabyboy
Morning...from the birthday boy and I (sorry I'm ugly)!!! Happy Birthday Jayvee!!!!???????? Tita Loves You always be good bebe!!! Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Birthdayboy Happy2ndBirthdayBaby
This baby I missed him today. I was out most of the day today :) I left him that kiss mark ?? Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Ilovethisboy  Eventhoughiforecefullymakehimcrywhenimnanggigigil imissedyoubaby ILOVEYOU
Quick snap shots of the nephew at the park yesterday. Happy! Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Nephewlove Loveitwhenheishappy oblivious
Hahaha he thought the flash was gonna go on once i took the picture...such a darling! Tita nangnang loves you baby jayvee! Suchasweetheart Iloveyoubabyboy Babynephew Jayveecutie
March 14: Care - The Care I have for this child is beyond being his auntie and godmother... Auntie loves you baby!!! Titanangnanglovesyouforever Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Marchphotoaday fmsphotoaday
Clearly I only like my face, the reason behind posting this lol and nephew is getting annoyed Latepost Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Titanangnanglovesyouforever auntielovesnephew auntieandnephewquarrellol
Nephew going up the stairs...aaawwwww!!!! Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Babyclimbingthestairs Babynephew proudofyoubaby
Love him!! Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Titanangnangandnephew Nephewbaby
No more pictures tita...Smartboy Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Lovingnephew lovehimtodeath
Me: *calling nephew* Jayvee picture please... After about 5-10 pics Me: One more baby... Jayvee: That's enough tita!!! Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Babynephew Titanangnanglovesyouforever
Nephew! Jayveebaby Jayveecutie I love you baby!!
Look at this handsome beautiful boy!!! Jayveebaby Jayveecutie Babynephew Iloveyoubabyboy ILOVEYOU
Hahaha he came home like this! He is soo cute!!! Babynephew WinterTO Jayveecutie
The nephew and I at Hooters earlier today!!! He is so cute..omg! Hooterscall Babynephew Jayveebaby Jayveecutie blehhfromnephew