I don't want to say this is a dream come true, but fuuck. I finally, finally, finally got to see Lupe Fiasco in concert. I feel like I'm past being a Lupe Fiasco fan. I'm not trying to be that dick that boasts about how long they've been listening to a particular artist .. but I've been rockin with this cat since 03, consistently .. I just feel and understand this nigga on so many levels. I remember listening to 'Hurt Me Soul' and 'HipHop Saved My Life' for the first times and deciding to have a personal relationship with music. Being able to rap every single word of 'Kick,Push' with Lupe was so awesome and amazing cause I just listen to that song on the regular degular so hearing and seeing it performed was unforgettable. If you were there .. there was a point where the whole audience was chanting "hip hip, saved my life", and it has, again and again. Everything just meant so much to me. If you were there, I was the one yelling "I love you Lupe", "Do Kick Push", and "Freestyle! Freestyle!" haha Fnf Lupefiasco Tetsuoandyouth Justthefreedom wasbetterthanbreathin
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