I'm not going to be ungrateful person. I'm so thankful of giving new buses. Looks alike rapid KL and etc. However, i'm questioning regarding the effectiveness of the buses. Lacks of space? Is it? But for sure, it gains more space than b4. It's just that lack of relevant enuf chair to sit. Of course,everyone seems familiar with ths new bus. And the most worst part, by holding those hanging holder,there was an incident some Muslim and Muslimah were stick along togather, because of this 'darurah' situation. Is it seems okay? Nope, I'm really don't think so. " Jgn jadikan perkara makruh itu kebiasaan,apatah lg cepat melatah akan situasi darurah" IslamicEthic UUM Sintokyo UnicLiner transtour
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