@mikefavetta Today they shut down Broadway ave due to replacing the old subway tracks on the 1 train, with new ones. News12TheBronx
@mikefavetta , just got home from work just in time before the Snow started to fall down. Bronx NYC News12TheBronx snowing weather gs3 galaxys3
Good morning everyone. What a beautiful morning it is. No snow falling or wind chill so far. Thats a good thing. Bronx NYC Weather News12TheBronx gs3 GalaxyS3 sunny
@mikefavetta , sun going down on this very Cold Evening . News12TheBronx Weather pictureoftheday pictureperfect gs3 GalaxyS3
Another nice scenery... What do you think @mikefavetta? TheBronx BoogieDownBronx News12TheBronx News12Bx NYC
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