You have no idea how good this feels haha been working from 8 this morning doing a stocktake, my head is pickled from all the numbers :/ but now home and straight into a relaxing bubble bath with some reading material :p Batman Batmanfamily FamilyOfBats 75YearsOfTheBat Joker Deathofthefamily Relaxing Bubblebath  Chillout Geek Gamer Scottish ScottishGuy GuysWithInk Guyswithtattoos
Was wandering around town then all of a sudden these got stuck to my hands, I just couldn't leave without buying them :D Batman FamilyOfBats Batmanfamily Joker Deathofthefamily New52 DC Dccomics Batmanbegins Darkknight Darkknightrises Bane Catwoman Rasalghul Chrisnolan Nolanverse
Me pueden donar historitas :3 Deathofthefamily Fearitself Marvelzombies