Sea country

lil shilo
My hound Ball-Z... Sharpei I Love My Dog Mans Best Friend
Beautiful sunset
My baby-man...the artist. Black And White Children Light And Shadow
Double rainbow
Zsa Zsa says Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good day mate.
Just out back of my goes on even after you've outlived your usefulness. Antique Autoportrait Fields Life Cycle
My baby bro
Tending To Crops
Evening walk always provides nature's wonders...wishing you were here... For You ;-) Flowers,Plants & Garden Eye Em Flower Porn
My Dog Thinks She's Queen
My banana tree. Banana Tropical Plants My Back Yard
Mommy wanted a princess but daddy won he got HIS princess that wont take shit from anybody & wont let anybody take her away fromhim!
my mom tweaking on her eye brows lol
Tending To Crops
For you baby... Flowers,Plants & Garden EyeEm Best Shots - Flowers
got to open one gift today and look what my MOM got me for chirstmas lol
Tending To Crops
Figure i take this picture!(: #JustBecause(; #YouLikeTheBoobs!?
Getting ready in the morning is the hardest part! First Eyeem Photo
gonna have blast on my vacation away from Oahu ahtt Hilo, Hawaii lol (:
Just Chillin'
Au'bline & bored niggah
No filter
Tending To Crops
Merry christmas to all! May ur day be filled with love, laughter and good company. Love, Da Waipa's
Phats And Me
For my love... For You ;-) Flowers,Plants & Garden EyeEm Flower
Hanging Out
baby being alittle punk with the boxing gloves
Tini-Butt being a ham!
All ready for the Christmas party (: #GotThatBlackOnTho(; #LovingEveryBitOfIt(;
After a long day, i still got a smile on
Hair up, wearing black shirt #DatzJustMe(:
meeh and babe gonna have a romantic vacation together ^____^ hehe
so can't wait to go visit my home away from home (: missed ihtt so much <3 lol
Tending To Crops
Came home from work to this. Wasn't expecting it.