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Thank you, Mr.November. Derek Jeter  RE2PECT Mdavidleeds Photos (c) 2001 All Rights Reserved
Four year old farmer, Freddie, looks at his 'really, really, really dirty hands!" after planting strawberries with his mom, Molly. (c) Dad 2014 Mdavidleeds Photos Fuji X100s GoodFoodRevolution
After school, Freddie will go vote with me, but first things first.. Vote Snack Mdavidleeds Photos
Et tu, Freddie?! My World Beautiful Day Mdavidleeds Photos
Now that's more like it. Blackandwhite French Press And A Croissant Mdavidleeds Photos Hipstamatic
Rocking on the porch after an excellent dinner.. a perfect end to a very Happy Daddy's Day! Blackandwhite Mdavidleeds Photos
Venus, Mars and The Moon wax poetic over the Greystone Park, NJ Moon Greystone Psychiatric Hospital Mdavidleeds Photos
Tulips in the late afternoon sunlight. Spring Flowers Fuji X100s Mdavidleeds Photos
Home sick from school, when a front loader and a few drump trucks roll up out front?!! Just what the doctor ordered. Let's See What We See! Mighty Machines Mdavidleeds Photos
Recycling day at the Co-Op. Recycling Hustle Mdavidleeds Photos
Raise your hand if you have ever been this excited to shovel snow.. in mid March. Beautiful Day Mdavidleeds Photos Fuji X100s Love
Just found this beautifully sunlit bouquet in the kitchen. Spring Flowers Mdavidleeds Photos
Everything's better with a milkshake. Blackandwhite Mdavidleeds Photos
Freddie, getting a fresh cut "just the way he likes it!" at Ryan's Clip Joint, in Morris Plains, NJ. Fuji X100s Barbershop Blackandwhite Mdavidleeds Photos
Kid can eat. "Ok. I will have a half of daddy's breakfast sandwitch, plus fries and ketchup, and a stack of silver dollar pancakes.. with syrup.. and some apple juice.. please." Mdavidleeds Photos
FML 8/21/2014 Mdavidleeds Photos TBT  Hipstamatic Blackandwhite
Lunchtime with Freddie. Kidcaneat Mdavidleeds Photos
May you never stop climbing, my boy. Blackandwhite Love Mdavidleeds Photos