LikeABOSS every Monday. I don't dress up like other girls. I don't even wear fancy clothes. Idontcarewhatyousay , Idontcarewhatyouthink , Idontgiveafuck and IDontGiveAShit as long as I'm happy. Aish... Nevermind
Anotherstormyphoto IDontGiveAShit Whatyouthinkaboutme Goodmemories butbetteraregoingtocome photo by @isidisi13 @f3alixx_
Yep. LOL LMAO Funnyshit  IDontGiveAShit
Look! Look at all the fucks i dont give, Bitch! None 30secondstomars IDontGiveAShit Noonecares
.l. what can i say? IDontGiveAShit Pereira