Thank you for everything my pillar of support. I am what I am today cause of you. Although there were tough times, you were always there. I love you so much @cigarettedrags. This marks a new phase of our lives. For now, pop lo! POPlo Pop Army Singapore Mbs
This post might be random. But just getting psyche for my final 24km route march. Gardens by the way shall be the landmark to look forward for. Mbs Gardensbythebay POPlo NSF
"We've our own fair of jokes which others would never see that side of us." 11-October-2014 Mohawk PLT2 Smallestsectionever Lifeofarecruit POPlo
After 2 months we finally pass out as trained soilders. Have to thank our commanders for that. As much as it goes these 2 months has been as memorable one. Especially with my platoon. Brothers in arms. All the best to your new postings and remember, tough times don't last tough men do! POPlo Pop Saf
I could still remember my POP parade 2 yrs ago. Now is my brother's turn. Trainingtobesoldiers POPlo