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Mango Juice from @seattlesbestcoffee Seattlesbestcoffee SBC drink
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Waiting for something happen. Contemplate Seattlesbestcoffee SBC Bestofluck
Tambay with Mother Earth ;p Seattlesbestcoffee Javakula Chocolatechip Strawberryfields Maharlika
Haven't tried any drink from here yet, but glad I did. Thanks to the BUY ONE GET ONE promo partnership with Maxicare! Oh yeah! I had their SEA SALT CARAMEL javakula. It maybe too sweet, yet the caramel taste compliments the creamy salty experience. Plus, the cutesy star drowned as I slurped this cold comfort drink ? Seattlesbestcoffee Seattlesbestcoffeeph Javakula Drinks
Double Chocolate Mint ^_^ a child's drink yum! Seattlesbestcoffee
Breakfast for lunch with Her ?? Seattlesbestcoffee Bfast For Lunch Makati Bonifaciohighstreet