March transformation 2016 Learn something New ๐Ÿ˜ƒ 1. Yoga Asana ( Feather of a Peacock - pictured ) 2. Calisthenics ( Handstand balance ) 3. Pranayama ( breath retention X times per day ) 4. Cardio ( run or cycle up and down a hill X times per week) 5. Raw Plant diet ( create a new raw salad each week ) 6. Drink 3 litres water 7. Spend time with friends regularly 8. Practice loving kindness 9. Be honest always 10. Push yourself to new horizons regularly Marchtransformation Marchchallenge Learnsomething Yoga Calisthenics Bodyweightraining Pranayama Raw Salads Cycling Cardio Bermuda Islandlife
"Cicadian" rhythm. Erich Fromm in Sane Society Learnsomething
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They even have Books on this! Latenight Learnsomething Tips