My bags are packed. I'm ready to gooooo! ? Summerescape2013
Tita Noemi! Sinong hong kausap?! ? Summerescape2013
11 kilometers Where are we? ? CHOS! Flood Bored Annoying Summerescape2013
Mom and dad! ? ❤ Summerescape2013
CALM. ❤ Summerescape2013
KITA PA BA AKO?! ???❤ Summerescape2013 LATE UPLOAD.
Tita @refinnejlacsamanabaes ? Summerescape2013
One day, I'll be back here, on vacation WITH YOU! Charot Summerescape2013 ???❤
MACHONESS! ??? Summerescape2013
MACHONESS 3.0 ??? Summerescape2013
Off to Nasugbu! Pico de Loro we're coming! HAHA. ??? ❤ Summerescape2013 @refinnejlacsamanabaes
Pico de Loro na! Wooo! FINALLY! ????❤ @refinnejlacsamanabaes @albertmacalintal @frederickmacalintal Summerescape2013
*Insert a quote here* ? Summerescape2013
Find the guy in black. Si daddy yun! ? Summerescape2013
Eh sa wala akong ma-post eh. HAHAHA. Summerescape2013
Summerescape2013 ???
Tita @refinnejlacsamanabaes ? Summerescape2013
MACHONESS 2.0 ??? Summerescape2013
????❤❤❤ Summerescape2013
Wala mang load or wifi, LAGING ON THE GO! I'm glad I jumped in! Smart Summerescape2013 Endorserlangangpeg ???❤❤❤
Si Tita Maya, mom and baby Eug! ? Summerescape2013
Yung feeling na mukha na akong aeta (ita). ??? Summerescape2013
GANDA. ?❤ Summerescape2013
Tita @refinnejlacsamanabaes Summerescape2013 Flood Favour ?
LINGON! ? Summerescape2013
Our view! ?❤ Summerescape2013
GANDA OH! ? ❤ Summerescape2013
Tita @refinnejlacsamanabaes ? Summerescape2013
Summerescape2013 ❤❤❤???
? Summerescape2013
BLUER THAN BLUE~ ♡ Summerescape2013
With Tita @refinnejlacsamanabaes ? Summerescape2013 ❤
BEAT THE HEAT! Summerescape2013 ❤
Brighter than the sun! ♡♥??? Summerescape2013
Yung feeling na hindi pa ako nakain ng lunch! ??? Flood Summerescape2013
@refinnejlacsamanabaes Summerescape2013 ???
The elevator shot. ? HAGGARD NA. ???????????? DI PA NAKAIN! ??? Summerescape2013 Flood @refinnejlacsamanabaes
GOOD MORNING! ? ❤ Summerescape2013
BLUE & ORANGE! ♡♥?❤?? Summerescape2013 JuliElmo Ü