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Instagramflexin BloodCousinz Me @prizzie100 @89swaggnificient @89bobson We be chilling staying Flexin
Just being myself ...TEAMbigstunna TeamViVinaee Instagramflexin
Wabongo tunaweza ..! RedOnEm Instagramflexin TEAMbigstunna
I can say todays hustle paid off a bit,Instagramflexin Instagreen TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna TeamClassOverSwag +255click
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TEAMbigstunna just being myself oooh snap i got dat Giovanni shit on me InstaturnTUp Instagramflexin
That type of look I make when I get bored ...TEAMbigstunna Instagramflexin TeamViVinaee
Alot on my mind lately!ClassOverSwaggZ Instagramflexin TeambigFooLish
Early in the morning,The sun killing the vibe but still Instagramflexin Tongueout ClassOverSWAGg  +255click
Instagramflexin InstagramBigStunna Riding around the hoods Mbezi
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I and my big sis on the background aaaah i really miss her Instagramflexin Backinthedays
Instagramflexin TEAMbigstunna TeambigFooLish ClassOverSwaggZ @prizzie100 nd my homeboy Stezie Yellow Niggardly nd Miss Thing Thing I love Em Big Time ..!
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