With dad somewhere in town....! Like father like son TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna good afternoon YoL
Heading out.. Now double tap that bitch for the love.. TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna
When something fishy is about to go down..! Well i always get that looK ' TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna InstaSaturdayzz
Sorry For the wait but be calm and wait for IDGAFMixtape Volume.1 by I myself BigsTuNNa under DopeflowsStudio TeambigFooLish TeamBiGstunna TeamClassOverSwag +255click
Selfies....! TeamClassOveRsWagg TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna I kNoW I kNoW I kNoW....!
I put the west sign Up...! TeamClassOveRsWagg TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna
That type of look a nigga gives...! EarlierOnTodaY TeamClassOveRsWagg TEAMbigstunna TeambigFooLish
aLoT in Ma MiNd.....! But I gotta thank the Lord himself for anOtheR beAuTifuL daY! TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna
It was a great day can't complain. ♠TEAMbigstunna ♠ ♤TeambigFooLish ♤...!
That's how my Friday is going Nd that's how it's gonna end Movies ol nyt..! TeamClassOveRsWagg TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna
Smh idk what the hell I be doing there. Anyways TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna TGIF...
Goodmorning Africa, Goodmorning Tanzania., GrindinghaRd TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna
Many Thanks to mma big homie @this_is_prizzie for the Gold & Silver ice Presidential Rolex..! He ma homie nd we hustle hard to get were we want so many thanks to you homie @this_is_prizzie ,Day well spent ✔✔✔ツ♔ TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna OfficialEmeyz
You already know...! GoldonErthang TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna
Goodmorning beautiful people TGIF 1st November TGIF.! YoL have a great day TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna TeamClassOveRsWagg you already know..!
I can say todays hustle paid off a bit,Instagramflexin Instagreen TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna TeamClassOverSwag +255click
Ama be on my hustle jus like dat bwOY bitche be like SWERVE  yOu AlReadY kNow TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna TeamClassOveRsWagg we in this Goodmorning Fellow Tanzanian!
Sunsets n a beautiful pic had to be taken AWalkonthebeach ! No Caption TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna
Mi and my partner in crime doin what we do Chillin enjoying the good sunny weather TEAMbigstunna TeambigFooLish
YSL BELT,LUIS VUITTON BELTS,I guess I gotta add a Fendi belt plus a H to finish em Fashion BESTTRENDS TeambigFooLish TeamClassOverSwag TeamBiGstunna InstagramFlexin
Alot on my mind lately!ClassOverSwaggZ Instagramflexin TeambigFooLish
Instagramflexin Bata1 TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna
Instagramflexin TEAMbigstunna TeambigFooLish ClassOverSwaggZ @prizzie100 nd my homeboy Stezie Yellow Niggardly nd Miss Thing Thing I love Em Big Time ..!
TGIF TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna TeamClassOveRsWagg ..!
Many shout outs to my big Homie Prizzie Primo escaper! I would love to say HappyBirthday to this libra Nigga OVO! May God grant you 100 more years in the making and success! TeambigFooLish TeambigFooLish TeambigFooLish TEAMbigstunna @this_is_prizzie @this_is_prizzie @this_is_prizzie
Goodmorning YoL TeambigFooLish Instagramflexin TEAMbigstunna TeamClassOverSWAGGz
Being Dump ♚♚♚☆★☆ TEAMbigstunna TeambigFooLish
Instagramflexin ClassOverSwaggZ TEAMbigstunna TeambigFooLish