It's a sticks and mudd thang kountry meat Travie Ooak Heavyhandsomehusky Datboyt
Smile Travie Datboyt Heavyhandsomehusky Ooak
Shower time Datboyt Heavyhandsomehusky Travie Ooak
This songs shows the spirit of the team even though i dont follow NFL :P. Pepsi Travie Newyork NYC Music Nowplaying
Smile it gets easier as time goes on Ooak Heavyhandsomehusky Datboyt Travie
Fresh selfie Ooak Heavyhandsomehusky Datboyt Travie
Heavyhandsomehusky is what I symbolize Travie thats who I am Ooak is what I am Datboyt is what they say when they see me
But my hairline tho ?? Heavyhandsomehusky Ooak Datboyt Travie
Everyone should tune in tonight to VH1 @ 9pm for Behind the Music. Getinformed Gymclassheroes Travie Respectthestruggle