Today's Trailblazers_rurex feature comes from our #trailblazers_urbex gallery. This wonderful capture belongs to member artist: fashuggah Visit Igor's wonderful gallery. You'll find plenty to "Like" and be happy you did. This Member showcase photo sele Trb_collabs Trailblazers_urbex Abandoned Flaming_rust Rural Rustoutloud Filth Rurexeploration Unitedbygrime Trailblazers_bnw Urbanexploration Trailblazers_macro Rurex Showmethatgrime Findingbeautyoutofshit It_tuesday Grimey Trailblazers_rural 50shadesofgrime Trailblazers_barns Rustographer Trb_creature_feature Urbanexplorer Trb_random Igrime Trailblazers_member1 Trailblazers_rurex Trn_country Sfx_grime