Trailblazers! Last call for this weeks challenge: #trb_name_that_tune Lyrics can add that extra powerful, sometime emotional , sometimes playful touch to any pic.. Enter ANY rurex or urbex pic and add a few lyrics and the artist to the pic.. (new and Trb_collabs Trailblazers_urbex Abandoned Flaming_rust Rural Rustoutloud Filth Rurexeploration Unitedbygrime Trailblazers_bnw Urbanexploration Trailblazers_macro Rurex Showmethatgrime Findingbeautyoutofshit It_tuesday Grimey Trailblazers_rural 50shadesofgrime Trailblazers_barns Rustographer Trb_creature_feature Urbanexplorer Trb_country Igrime Trb_random Trailblazers_rurex Trb_name Sfx_grime Trb_name_that_tune