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I love my body just the way it is. fuck off. Curves FUCK YOU ImBeautiful Imperfectjustthewayiam Bootylicious Curvy & Beautiful Outfit #OOTD
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Fuck what they say, & fuck what you heard. Shits for the birds cus those words are nothing. Blessed  ImBeautiful InsideAndOut Charisma
Comes a point in time when you have to realize you deserve better than what you've been putting up with. And I definitely needed that reminder. Thanks a bunch @ladyrho I freaking love you! ?Private Party? Indiaarie "I could laugh until I cry, or I can cry away the hurt." I definitely cried a little bit of it away this morning! Oh well, enough with my pity party! Imhappy ImBeautiful AbundantlyBlessed WithAnAmazingSon OhAndAJob LOL GoingToWaitPatiently Good Morning! SayItBack
I was the girl everyone loved to pick on.. The one they teased for having big eyes, lips, hips or ass. The girl everybody loved to hate. I wouldn't be me without your hate, and i'm beautiful b*tch. Motivationtosucceed Bebetterthanyesterday ImBeautiful Justsaying cheerstomybullies happyinmyskin kidsaresomean