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I'm on this level. Whismical Free Gypsy
Today I will sing a little louder, Smile a little bigger, hug a little tighter And love a little stronger. Today I am young, And I am wild.. Today I am only Misti- in her truest form and most genuine disposition- Happy :) Today I Will continue to appreciate the imperfect in all things. Today I will smile at anyone - and count all the smiles I receive in return. Today I will flip all the unlucky pennies onto their lucky sides- and hope that it brings only the best of luck to the one who is most worthy. Today I will tell one person how beautiful they are inside and out. Today I will be braver and bolder then the day before.. I will rock out the beat of my own drum- I will dance! Today I am an eagle.. and I will soar higher than any other bird in the sky!!! Because today... I choose to be free.: ) Whismical Beyoubeokwithit Befree
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