Dress and accessories Bruno Vinhas by Dachita . photos by M.O. Photography
A bit of colour inspiration. Craft Inspiration Dachita Blue
Little rabit. Dachita Craft Cute
Dachita for Carmen&Frida in Australia.
Fashion challenge Dachita Taking Photos Inspiration Fashion
Another Upcycled Dress by Dachita . Design by @brunovinhas
Love ♥ Monkeys and Babies . the new Monkey from Dachita have been approved for our fiercest customer
Dachita Cute
My little monster Dachita
a customized creation from @dachita Dachita
The place where the Magic started to happen. @lucyslounge is where Dachita improved it's Sewing skills and got a lot of Inspiration .
Winter creations. Coming up soon Dachita Craft