Lake Wakatipu - Otago. Friendly tip, wear pants. I scratched my legs something fierce getting this. Landscape Lake Newzealand Aoteoroa otago nz natureseekers nature skyporn photography photo sky beauty Beautiful igdaily photooftheday picoftheday Travel
Tracks at Waionui Inlet tucked away at the south head of the Kaipara Harbour. Mangroves, mudflats and sand dunes makes for odd scenery. Newzealand Landscape Aoteoroa Photography nature bnw blackandwhite tracks
Hatfield's Bay north of Auckland. One of those unplanned shots where for once everything works out alright. I was racing to get to a beach further north in time for sunrise, there was thick patches of fog on the roads. When I realised it was crunch time I pulled into here, hurriedly set up, was bathed in pink for 30 seconds (not as bad as it sounds), and took this shot. The fog and horizon clouds bent and carried the pink light perfectly. Sunrise Skyporn Newzealand Aoteoroa beach dusk longexposure color photography photooftheday picoftheday igdaily pink landscape auckland Beautiful
Reflections Newzealand Landscape Clouds Aoteoroa
Golden farm lands of Orere winding up to the Hunua ranges (great place to go hiking). Literally just up the road from where I took the 'Isle' photo. Almost did some property damage spinning the car around to get get thus shot. Good light waits for no one. Newzealand Landscape Aoteoroa Photography clouds travel auckland sky sunshine goldenhour luminous summer sol skyporn
The geothermal gem of New Zealand, the area is surrounded by Geyser and hot spring lakes. Besides, it is also famous for being the most populated area of Maori An Eye For Travel Auckland Australia Australian Landscape Landscape Photography Maori New Zealand Beauty New Zealand Landscape Pacific Rotorua  Aoteoroa Beauty In Nature Landscape Landscape_photography Nature New Zealand Oceania Pacific Ocean Photography Photography Themes Photooftheday Sky Tranquility Water Waterfront
Horizon Over Water Landscape Sunset Pink Color Clear Sky Sea Sea View Water Ripple Circles Te Haumi New Zealand New Zealand Scenery New Zealand Photography New Zealand Beach Aoteoroa Aotearoa Neon Life
Maori Bay at Muriwai. Newzealand Landscape Aoteoroa Photography nature beach ocean travel auckland waves
Korimako aka NZ Bellbird. 90% of my bellbird photos that are in focus are of their bums. I don't have a fetish or anything (maybe they do?) Just bad luck when it comes to these guys. Taken at Tawharanui (north of Auckland), I recommend it, great for seeing these guys, one or two Kaka, plenty of Tui's. If you time your visit right you can watch the enormous Kereru get drunk on fermenting berries and make asses of themselves. Good times! Nature Newzealand Aoteoroa Birds birding picoftheday photooftheday photography wildlife wildbird igdaily Travel beautiful bird_lovers_daily natureporn natureseekers instabird birdstagram birdsofinstagram feather
Cnr post. Photography Newzealand Aoteoroa Landscape sunset
Good morning (2014) dedicated to someone who loved sunrises Newzealand Landscape Aoteoroa Happynewyear beach 2014 sunrise
Moon through clouds at Maraetai. My phone is showing the foreground rocks as pure black silhouette. They're not. Just fyi if your phone does the same. Newzealand Landscape Aoteoroa Photography nature moon twilight travel auckland blue nocturn nocturnal ocean reflections
Kaka. An large parrot endemic to NZ, related to the Kea and like the Kea is an exceptionally crafty and cunning bird. If Kea/kaka were interested in money they would rob us all blind. Fortunately for us they're more interested in fruit, nuts and shenanigans. Newzealand Aoteoroa Wildbird Wildlife birds bird nature picoftheday igdaily photooftheday photography
Stormfront over Whitford Newzealand Landscape Aoteoroa Photography
Meanwhile in the South Island... Wish I was down there right now, so much stress today. Newzealand Landscape Aoteoroa Photography nature river
Autumn twilight on the Tamaki Strait. Newzealand Landscape Aoteoroa Twilight photography longexposure
Maraetai Newzealand Aoteoroa Landscape Sunset photography lucroit seascape
Iceskating Kiwi Auckland City Aoteoroa