We are at the top!! Penanghill Weturn11 Anniversarytrip Mfarokomar
One of fav peeps in my world Anniversarytrip Weturn11 Penang Mfarokomar
Feeling tired??!! Mfarokomar Weturn11 Anniversarytrip
Penang hill..Beautiful Mfarokomar Weturn11 Anniversarytrip
In conjunction of our 11th anniversary we are havin bbq Tinamaternalfamily Weturn11 Anniversarytrip Mfarokomar telukbahangpulaupinang
2nd nite bbq... Mfarokomar Weturn11 Anniversarytrip TelukBahang pulaupinang
11yrs ago at this time we are SAH as man n wife... Time has spoken how we are today.. Ups n downs were part n parcel in very marriage life n ours are not exceptional. Esp the past couples of years have been very hard for us nevertheless ur patience has kept us togather. I can never thank you for that.. As they say action louder than words which is true but then again words can do wonders too.. (not too much to ask for) Mohamed Farok Omar thank you for being a wonderful husband to me (even thou at times sakitkan jiwa gue) never than I regret loving u my "dok"!!! Last but not least HAPPY 11TH ANNIVERSARY!!! I ♥ U!!! Mfarokomar Weturn11 Anniversarytrip
Juz u & me ♥♥ Weturn11 Anniversarytrip Penanghill Mfarokomar
See how thick the morning dew Mfarokomar Weturn11 Anniversarytrip
Brunch wiz myy fav. Aunt n uncle Weturn11 Anniversarytrip Mfarokomar Penang
Mfarokomar mcm kena tinggal bini je?? Anniversarytrip Weturn11 Penanghill