A work in progress MyExoticFriends ATouristInMyOwnCity TheSidewalksOfTheCity Streamzoofamily
Almost finished with the mural MyExoticFriends ATouristInMyOwnCity TheSidewalksOfTheCity Streamzoofamily
The dedication of the mural is tomorrow MyExoticFriends ATouristInMyOwnCity TheSidewalksOfTheCity Streamzoofamily
A few artist friends are prepping the side of this building for a new mural. ATouristInMyOwnCity TheSidewalksOfTheCity MyExoticFriends Streamzoofamily
Linguini Pescatore Nomnombomb MyExoticFriends ExpensiveWinos Yummy♡
My very good friend Maxx(aka The Black Landlord) arrives for his concert MyExoticFriends TheSidewalksOfTheCity TheVille Streamzoofamily
My best friend Maria. She and I both were born on June 6. We've been celebrating our birthdays together for the last 22 years! MyExoticFriends
Last night, my neighbor cooked for me. She made braised short ribs, served with lavender brown rice and steamed vegetables. It was so delicious! Food Porn Awards Food Porn Nomnombomb LaDolceVita MyExoticFriends
Friday night out to dinner with Yoko MyExoticFriends Mamma Mia TheVille Streamzoofamily
An incredibly delicious dinner with incredibly awesome friends at Porcini Italian Restaurant GettingMyFeedOn MyExoticFriends
My good friend Jesse(rap legend SchoollyD) performing last night at my party. HappyBirthdayToMe June6 LaDolceVita MyExoticFriends
My beautiful dinner date, Amanda MyExoticFriends
Dinner with friends LaDolceVita MyExoticFriends Enjoying Life
Dinner.... MyExoticFriends
The start of an awesome night!! MyExoticFriends TheExpensiveWinos GettingMyDrinkOn
Dinner with Kyra GettingMyFeedOn MyExoticFriends
Had the most incredible weekend with great friends from EyeEm(& StreamZoo). I love you ladies very much! Can't wait till the next gathering MyExoticFriends TheGathering TheVille Streamzoofamily
On the wall in Uncle Dominic's garage, we always mark our Vendemmia party every year. Vendemmia ItsAnItalianThing HomemadeItalianWine TheExpensiveWinos MyExoticFriends
Tran and I on Two Street MyExoticFriends NewYearsDay2015 INeedADrink GettingMyGrooveOn
Dinner last night with great friends LaDolceVita MyExoticFriends
Dinner with Kyra MyExoticFriends
Maria and I on Two Street MyExoticFriends NewYearsDay2015 INeedADrink GettingMyGrooveOn
Great bonfire after sunset MyExoticFriends LaDolceVita Sunset Bonfire Night ATouristInMyOwnCity
NOW the party is really getting started!! MyExoticFriends PartyingOurAssesOff TheVille Streamzoofamily
Great evening with great friends! MyExoticFriends GettingMyFeedOn Food And Drink GettingMyDrinkOn
Dinner last night with great friends MyExoticFriends
My good friend Big Al arrives for his concert MyExoticFriends TheSidewalksOfTheCity TheVille Streamzoofamily
More of George Johnson's art MyExoticFriends Art EyeEm Best Shots
Saigon and me on New Year's Eve MyExoticFriends NewYearsDay2015
Nothing like dinner with friends! MyExoticFriends GettingMyFeedOn Friendship
My good friend, Kenn Kweder, performing last night along the river. MyExoticFriends EyeEm Best Shots TheVille Streamzoofamily
Aaron, Maria(it was also her birthday) and Tran MyExoticFriends HappyBirthdayToMe June6 LaDolceVita
An awesome Italian dinner with incredibly awesome friends MyExoticFriends ItsAnItalianThing
Dinner with Amanda and her cousin Adrein MyExoticFriends Nomnombomb LaDolceVita
Dinner with friends last night LaDolceVita TheExpensiveWinos MyExoticFriends
Maxx getting ready to hit the stage(with a few beverages) MyExoticFriends TheSidewalksOfTheCity TheVille Streamzoofamily
Cocktails with friends at Mike & Cat's house. I liked how Mike had torches along the stream ATouristInMyOwnCity LaDolceVita MyExoticFriends
Italian feast with my paisanos Nomnombomb MyExoticFriends ExpensiveWinos Yummy♡
Attending the 20th anniversary of the movie FRIDAY last night with Maria and friends MyExoticFriends AndYouKnowThisMan! BYEfelicia 420
Maria MyExoticFriends TheSidewalksOfTheCity TheVille Streamzoofamily
I was finally able to take a picture of my friend Carol standing in front of a mural of herself. MyExoticFriends ATouristInMyOwnCity TheSidewalksOfTheCity ScenesFromTheStreet
Beautiful ladies MyExoticFriends Nightlife Beautiful Woman LaFamilia
Forrest, Nancy and myself MyExoticFriends HappyBirthdayToMe June6 LaDolceVita
Maria kicking ass on the pool table...AGAIN!! MyExoticFriends PartyingOurAssesOff TheVille Streamzoofamily
Debi, Leon and I ItsMyBirthdayToday MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily
Maxx(aka The Black Landlord) MyExoticFriends LaDolceVita HappyBirthdayToMe June6
Good morning my friends! EyeEm Best Shots MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily
Great evening with great friends! MyExoticFriends LaDolceVita
For dessert, fresh baked Peach Pies, made from scratch Nomnombomb Yummy♡ MyExoticFriends ExpensiveWinos
Got to hangout and drink with my old friend Charles Barkley last night. MyExoticFriends GettingMyDrinkOn
THE GATHERING in Philadelphia MyExoticFriends TheExpensiveWinos TheGathering Throwbackthursday
Celebrating Cinco De Mayo with my neighbors yesterday MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily TheSidewalksOfTheCity
Out to dinner with Maria Nightlife MyExoticFriends GettingMyFeedOn
Last night's Vendemmia(Italian celebration of the harvest of the grapes). That's me sitting in the front row, behind and to the right of the guy in the red sweater. 🍷🍷 HomemadeItalianWine Nomnombomb ItsAnItalianThing Wine TheExpensiveWinos MyExoticFriends Vendemmia
After dinner, the rest of the crew showed up for a party! MyExoticFriends LaDolceVita
My friend David(owner of Porcini), Kyra and I MyExoticFriends
Sunday dinner with my beautiful friends MyExoticFriends ICanCookMyAssOff ItsAnItalianThing HomemadeItalianWine Pasta Gravy Nomnombomb LaDolceVita Food Porn Awards MyFoodPics Food Porn
Maria and Tran ItsMyBirthdayToday MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily
The dedication of Shepard Fairly's mural "Lotus Diamond" ATouristInMyOwnCity TheSidewalksOfTheCity MyExoticFriends MuralArts
Dinner with friends MyExoticFriends LaDolceVita
Sunday dinner with friends ICanCookMyAssOff ItsAnItalianThing Pasta HomemadeItalianWine Nomnombomb MyExoticFriends Food Porn Awards MyFoodPics Food Porn
Dinner last night with Amanda MyExoticFriends ICanCookMyAssOff ItsAnItalianThing TheExpensiveWinos
Gifts from my very good friend, the artist George Johnson. Every year for my birthday, he removes a piece of his art from museums around the world and presents it to me as a gift. This is also the first picture I just took with my new iPhone 6. Love this new phone!! MyExoticFriends Art EyeEm Best Shots
Dinner with the beautiful women of EyeEm. So happy we finally met in person and are getting to hangout all weekend together. Love you ladies!! TheExpensiveWinos TheGathering Streamzoofamily MyExoticFriends
View from my friend's balcony ATouristInMyOwnCity MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily
Dinner with great friends MyExoticFriends GettingMyFeedOn GettingMyDrinkOn
An incredible night out for dinner with Maria GettingMyFeedOn MyExoticFriends
Doing shots of Patron tequila while watching Villanova basketball LaDolceVita MyExoticFriends GettingMyDrinkOn Enjoying Life
Dinner after Flyers game with Ricky Oyola and Ry MyExoticFriends Enjoying Life LaCucinaItaliano Lovemyfriends
Dinner with Amanda ICanCookMyAssOff ItsAnItalianThing Nomnombomb MyExoticFriends
Dinner with Kyra and Ellie MyExoticFriends
Dinner with good friends MyExoticFriends
UnderDog MyExoticFriends Halloween
Lisa and I MyExoticFriends LaDolceVita HappyBirthdayToMe June6
Birthday dinner last night for Maria and I. ItsMyBirthdayToday MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily
Partying with friends on Broad Street after the Eagles victory Philadelphia Eagles Gobirds Flyeaglesfly TheSidewalksOfTheCity ATouristInMyOwnCity ScenesFromTheStreet MyExoticFriends
One of the birthday gifts I got for Maria. Both of our birthdays are on the same day(June 6). This is our 20 year celebrating it together. Check This Out MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily
My birthday twin and best friend Maria and I celebrating our birthday(June 6) MyExoticFriends EyeEm Best Shots (null) ATouristInMyOwnCity TheSidewalksOfTheCity ScenesFromTheStreet
My beautiful friend and dinner date, Maria MyExoticFriends Enjoying Life ANightOnTheTown
Don Giovanni Gatto enjoying the fire pit LaFamilia ItsAnItalianThing HomemadeItalianWine TheExpensiveWinos MyExoticFriends Vendemmia
25 years hanging together and still going strong! MyExoticFriends LaDolceVita
The Black Landlord(Maxx & Big Al) laying down the dope rhymes!! MyExoticFriends TheSidewalksOfTheCity TheVille Streamzoofamily
Alisa and a Mummer Mummers MyExoticFriends NewYearsDay2015 OhDemGoldenSlippers
Birthday buddies!! ItsMyBirthdayToday MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily
So, last night my friends picked me up, blindfolded me and took me out for a surprise birthday dinner and party. MyExoticFriends TheExpensiveWinos GettingMyDrinkOn
Maria and I continue our partying later that night at The Garage Bar in South Philly MyExoticFriends PartyingOurAssesOff TheVille Streamzoofamily
Yeah, we're really drunk!! lol MyExoticFriends TheExpensiveWinos HomemadeItalianWine LaFamilia ItsAnItalianThing Vendemmia
Sunday pasta dinner with friends LaDolceVita MyExoticFriends ICanCookMyAssOff MyFoodPics
Great dinner with great friends MyExoticFriends TheExpensiveWinos
Leon and I getting our smoke on! MyExoticFriends PartyingOurAssesOff Streamzoofamily TheVille
My friend Nicole Angemi and I partying last night. Check out her page on Instagram(if you can take it!) MyExoticFriends EyeEm Best Shots GettingMyDrinkOn
My good friend and rap icon, Jesse SchoollyD Weaver, performing last night after his art show. You probably know him for his soundtrack from the movie "The King of New York". AmIBlackEnough  MyExoticFriends TheVille Streamzoofamily
Dinner is served! ICanCookMyAssOff MyExoticFriends Nomnombomb TheExpensiveWinos
Mike & Caterina gave me this yesterday for my birthday. Now I can grill in the rain...for the three of us! MyExoticFriends ICanCookMyAssOff TheVille Streamzoofamily
Amanda, Meg and myself partying at Mummer's parade Newyears2016 MummerParade2016 ATouristInMyOwnCity ScenesFromTheStreet TheSidewalksOfTheCity MyExoticFriends
Kyra was totally surprised by her cake HappyBirthdayKyra MyExoticFriends LaDolceVita
DJ Smooth and I MyExoticFriends PartyingOurAssesOff Streamzoofamily TheVille
A nice dinner with my neighbor and friend Amanda MyExoticFriends ICanCookMyAssOff ItsAnItalianThing HomemadeItalianWine Nomnombomb Food Porn Awards MyFoodPics Food Porn LaDolceVita
Dinner at my house Throwbackthursday  TheGathering TheExpensiveWinos MyExoticFriends
Baby Joey Saile having a great time playing in the leaves TheSaileLads MyExoticFriends LaFamilia ABeautifulMorning