Celebrating Father's Day at work.... Wahaha! Happy Father's Day every daddy!:) maybe come in and buy something special for your daddy here lol! Hkig Hkboy Hkgirl Superbored wrongwroks summerjob fathersday 2013 work 5cm a&f jeans taiwan taiwanboy happy stayreal squad ssur herschel
Haha.. Many people visited me today XD????? I look so tired in this pic lol~~! Superbored Wrongwroks Summerjob Hkig hkboy taiwan taiwanboy plenty style friends visiting me at work miss you love you
So tired moving stuff to the new store!?!! All my muscles are so sore........... Luckily my boss gave me a free T-shirt as reward! Superbored Wrongwroks Tired SORE nopower moving hot fire hkig hkboy mini countryman bleeding omg
Hey~~~~ discounts are ongoing~~~~~~~!!!! Come visit !:)
WORKHARD Superbored Visit Ironman caps hkboy hkig
Even though I'm the newest to this store... But I felt sad to see it empty.... Luckily the new flagship store is super nice!!!! Can't wait to work there xD! Superbored Wrongwroks New Store old bye miss you love
Lots of boxes folding today lol...... Paper cut everywhere ~~~ Hkig Hkboy
嘻嘻。今天第一天在新店上班!好開心丫。店超級大。越來越enjoy在這上班了。今天還賣了很多東西。老闆@wrongwroks又超級好人,又送了我一件T-shirt!!!! 以後要更努力工作才行!???? Superbored Wrongwroks Xlarge Summerjob new flagship store boss so nice happy ighk hkig hkboy
世界上最愛的人就是您啦。呵呵。要更用功念書來好好回報您。 Converse Commedesgarcons Play Shoes love mom best asian hkig ighk hkboy
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