My heart goes towards his family and friends especially his girl and daughter. Taken at such a young age, tho God has placed you in a better place. An amazing and very touching story. I have never cried so much and to believe that it was based on a true story. May God bless the Grant family and friends. RestinparadiseOscar Fruitvalestation OSCARGRANT Touched GB
I don't know if its by coincidence or not that this film - Fruitvale Station - came out this past week, concurrently with the George Zimmerman verdict being handed down. I actually didn't think much of it when I downloaded it, as I download movies all the time to watch because watching movies is my favorite thing to do outside of music. I heard Michael B. Jordan (Wallace from the Wire) was in it starring as Oscar Grant and it was written and directed by a 27-year-old, Black, Bay-area native, Ryan Coogler . I must say, this film is THE most moving film I've seen since maybe Malcom X back in 1992. Like so many other injustices that we talk about for two weeks and forget, this movie seems to depict one of them. The film dramatizes the events ofJanuary 1, 2009 leading up to when Oscar Grant was shot and killed by a White, BART transit officer, in the back, while lying face down on a subway platform. The cop got off with basically two years for the unprovoked murder. I actually remember when the video of the shooting was on Youtube a few years back and the riots and protests that followed, similar to those happening now over Trayvon Martin. You may not feel like blacking out your profile or going to Times Square to protest or even talking about whats just happened this weekend in our country and our people, linked to the injustice over the trial but Im sure you're into entertainment. If you are, the least you can do is go see this film. I know I am. It received a two minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. Its THAT good. People are talking about Oscar-worthy already. And its THAT important. Not just because of Trayvon but all the victims over many years who have been killed for no reason, and not just by others.Even by our own people. Its only playing at two theatres in NY - The Loews at Lincoln Center on Broadway and 68th and the Angelika Theatre on Houston and Mercer. Fruitvalestation OSCARGRANT MichaelBJordan RyanCoogler TrayvonMartin GeorgeZimmerman SocialInjustice EmmettTill MichaelGriffith YusefHawkins SeanBell JamesChaney AcademyAward 5Stars Film Movie