The city man back to nature. Working the land, digging a hole for a tree, splitting the rock, injuring your hands ... almost back to a primordial being. The land, the only thing that lasts. Land Countrylife Workingland Redneck Nikeplus Webseries Paolograssi Contadini Natura Polliceverde Iliveinamovie Moviescene
I and my brother in law (the artist Andrea Sassanelli) we plant an apricot tree. And I can add it to my list of things. Plant a tree: DONE. This is life. Countrylife Green Plants Nikeplus Runnering Paolograssi Webseries Iliveinamovie Contadini Vitadicampagna Artistic
Aftershave Beard Webseries Movieface Moviescene Iwasborntobeandactor Healthychoices Illgiveaarmforahamburger Ineedtolooseweight Dieta Dimagriremangiando Seriestv Paolograssi Alchermesvideoproduction
Pontevedra...maybe I could start the shooting for the adaptation of Apocalypse Z?Apocalypsez Apocalypsezombie Webseries Moviescene Movieface Webseries Movimaker Seriestv Nikeplus Runner Manuellaureiro
Toro!!!! España Webseries Videomaker Worldfood Paolograssi Movieface Nikeplus Iliveinamovie Espanafood
shooting of a young woman looking at the sea and think that summer is ending. Summerisending Webseries Nikeplus Moviescene MOVIE Moviemaker Alchermes
Master and my pupil. Paolograssi and Andrea Sassanelli, the young artist that NASA wanted as author of the book cover of one of its greatest contributors. I'm sure you will soon hear of Andrew and his works. The talent of an artist I recognize from miles away. Youngartist Modernart Artist NASA Nikeplus Webseries Moviescene Mypupil
There comes a time in life when we move from words to actions. This time can be scary, but the fear is often the best ally when you have to make important choices. This is my moment, I look at life in the face and say "Let's go on, I have already lost too much time" Nikeplus Nike Webseries Moviescene Movieface Motivation Alchermes Iliveinamovie Reality Newlife
My name is everywhere, as my soul that hovers above all things and as soon as everything returns ok sections will resume my running and shooting video. Nikeplus Videomaker Moviescene Movieface Moviemaker Webseries Paolograssi Madrid SPAIN Alchermes Iliveinamovie 40isbetter Fashion Hardbody Iwasborntobeandactor
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Today I work at home. No rush, I rest, I want to be a little myself in relaxation. Maybe I not deserve it, maybe I should put on my running shoes and go running my usual kilometers ... but today they are so I do not want to do anything, hobla fortunate to be free and I enjoy it. I write, you'll look a movie and eat 500g of salmon. Life is also made of this. Relax Freework FreeTime Webseries Paolograssi
Redneck ? Videomaker ? Runner ? Spiritualguidance ? Showman ? Who am I really? Actually I have all this and more. Webseries Nikeplus Movieface Iwasborntobeandactor
Alchermesvideoproduction shooting Atlantisbusniesssolution Webspot Spot Shooting Webseries Moviemaker Paolograssi Companysolutions
We often see things from only one point of view ... a big mistake. Nikeplus Runforlife Runner Running Run Webseries Movieface
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Ok, ok, this work is getting interesting. I'm finding a lot of location to shoot. Now it's up to Madrid with the most terrible and ruthless game: bullfighting. 23 start shooting because the traditions can not be forgotten Bullfight Webseries Movimaker Actorinside Moviescene Nikeplus Runner Iwasborntobeandactor Iwasbordtobedirector Moviescene Paolograssi
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Filming test shots for a Webseries .
American sniper Iliveinamovie Webseries Movieface Paolograssi
Generescion: the wall of the masterpieces. Everything is almost ready for the new web series Generescion Movies 80 Paolograssi Iliveinamovie Masterpiece Runnering Nikeplus Diaryofafatman Webseries
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"The smile is always the same, the more true in the false, the stories are different (but will be back in via Emanuele Mola) and the determination and desire to do (so, everything is fine) it is at its maximum. In a panorama of sadness, stray cats, dogs with PTSD forced to watch Friends of De Filippi, the film Sorrentino and the hassles of daily life ... arrive Generescion to (re) take in the roaring 80's & co. To help you discover how much depth c 'was disguised as a chewing gum or hidden in the trunk of Deloraen, to get you back to a time when it was better to have it be, the time it took us to all the crap that we have because, let's face it, we have to be so ruined essercela enjoyed a lot. For the film so shitty, we must have had the masterpieces. " Nikeplus Runnering Runner Generescion Paolograssi Videomaker 80th Anni80 Webseries
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deep red flowers close up for decor or wall decoration or poster or wish card or ptint on mugs or t shirts Print WEBS We Built This City Winter Beauty In Nature Close-up Day Flower Flower Head Fragility Freshness Growth Nature No People Outdoors Petal Print, Painting, Landscape, Marsh, Inlet, Travel, Tourism, Travel Destinatio Red Web Web Design Webseries Website Webstagram Webstapic Webstapick
No pain no gain. Runforlife Nikeplus Run Moviescene Motivation Paolograssi Webseries Streatching Movieface Alchermes
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warm? It's not a problema but 41° centigrades could be very dangerous. But I run. Because I need. Because I must do it. Runnering Nikeplus Runningextreme Warm Run Runforlife Webstagram Webseries Iliveinamovie Diaryofafatman
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deep red flowers close up for decor or wall decoration or poster or wish card or ptint on mugs or t shirts Print WEBS We Built This City Winter Beauty In Nature Close-up Day Flower Flower Head Fragility Freshness Growth Nature No People Outdoors Petal Print, Painting, Landscape, Marsh, Inlet, Travel, Tourism, Travel Destinatio Red Web Web Design Webseries Website Webstagram Webstapic Webstapick
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A birthday is always a birthday but Vincenzo Salvatore, with his knowledge of almost everything that is good and fine that there is food in the world, he always manages to give a touch of class to everything. Do not wait to get to his party of 40! Webseries Italanfood Italianwine Nikeplus Nightinbari Borntobeanactor
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Work in Sunday night Alchermesvideoproduction Webseries Movieface Moviescene Iwasborntobeandactor Dentalsurgery Videomaker Editing Webspot Paolograssi
Working with a video camera, something that becomes part of you. It is essential for your work, identifies you and makes you different. Through it can tell stories, true, invented, ridiculous or that lead to tears, anger or reflection. I chose to do everything, to record anything you put in front of me. This is my being, this is the way to be of the Alchermesvideoproduction Videomaker Webseries Webspot Director Videosurgery Videos Paolograssi Livingwithcamera Nikeplus
Not live, not dead. Walkingdead Webseries Seriestv Thewalkingdead Moviescene Moviemaker Filmaker Movieface Nikeplus Runner
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"This book has a story ...". A copy of this book was bought by one of my closest friends in the 90 in Rome, in a store that sold strange things; the seller, by gripping the curiosity of my friend for the strange things told him that "this book had a story ...", it was a book on which hung a curse, etc etc. Those were the years in which the genre splatter, horror and everything was fantastic charmed almost all of us kids and he bought it. After many years (I speak of 1996), I was for the first time at my friend's house and he lost no opportunity to show this book ... "Gog". I was attracted by his story not lost chance to borrow it, defying the curse. He gave it to me! And the curse hit me. This book has the power to get you the opposite of what you really want.My life is a real pleasure, made of everything I wanted in appearance (women, money, power), until, in the depths of myself I began to wish for a seriously emotional stability, social and from the point of view of work . But nothing came. Cambiago a girl almost a week, the money I had from my family and nothing seemed to change. I escaped to Finland, leaving the book in Italy and they were even worse (a girl every night and I was going to become a rock star on tour for local whole northern Europe). Gog was even there. It was not enough to get rid of the book, you had to give it to someone who really wanted it! I returned to Italy and a night in bed with a girl, told her the book. She said: "I want this book! I give a gift?". I became free of Gog! After less than a year I was engaged, in love and with a good job. I had no news of that girl up to almost 5 years ago and learned to his horror that he had committed suicide. Today Oct. 11, 2015, in Polignano, on a bench ... I find this book again. Without any hesitation I take back with me ... and the story continues ...I swear this story is not bullshit. Gog Nikeplus Moviescene Movieface Damned Damnedbooks Realfacts Urbanlegend Books Forbiddenbooks Webseries Horrorbooks Iliveinamovie Paolograssi Maledizioni Run Runner Notbullshit
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TBT  shooting @erikatheflower web series NLAV with @dhaire25 @tattooed_papi_chulo @khris_b_relly @shaywill_ GoodTimes Webseries
Me and Williamfichtner at Polignano Like two old friends. Iliveinamovie Paolograssi Nikeplus Runnering Run Webseries Prisonbreak Addict Seriestv
Look good this photo: in the near future these two guys will be on stage at the Kodak Theatre. Stay tuned. Videomaker Webseries Iliveinamovie MovieMania Thefutureofcinema MOVIE Movieface
Some say that beginning to resemble Saulberenson of Homeland .Not that I can take it as a compliment. I continue to run, shoot video and write and go on as best I can. Alchermes Nikeplus Webseries Seriestv Tvseries Moviescene Movieface Paolograssi Iliveinamovie Runner Runnering Runwithoutareason Run
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Me and "Micaela", my iron horse Honda Shadow 650, while I try another location for Webseries Thelastscreamsofhumanity . Movieface Moviescene Iwasborntobeandactor Director Motorbike Menwithbeards Twowheels Italianmotorcycle HondaShadow Paolograssi Alchermesvideoproduction
Alchermes video production is back! Soon with new camera in 4k, drone, micro and action camera and many more. Dentistica Impianti Denticalclinic Ortodonzia Protesidentaria Webseries Videomaker Videomaker Moviescene Movieface Moviemaker Paolograssi
The other side of night Dopplanering Junckfoods JUNKFOOD Nocontrol Aloneinthenight Web Webseries Crazymind Lordofnight Benzo Benz
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Shooting... Implatologia Impiantidentali Ortodonzia Implantology Implants Dental Dentalsurgery Webseries Moviescene Moviemaker Nikeplus Paolograssi Alchermes
A new fotage of "The last virus" Implant of Implants A new Webseries of Alchermesvideoproduction ? Follow me Webspot Implantologia Implant Dentalsurgery Videomaker Videos Moviescene Iwasborntobeandactor Newmovie
New look in old location. The calm before the storm. Moviescene Moviescene Webseries Nikeplus Director Alchermesvideoproduction Seriestv Beards Paolograssi Movieface
Peace to eyes 😌😌 Light Bulb Lighting Equipment Glowing Dark Electric Bulb Stoned Production Studiodiaries Webseries Shoot First Eyeem Photo Trending Photos TrendingOnTwitter Trending Topic TrendingLegacys Trendingoneyeem Trendingoninstagram Trendingoninternet Facebook Beauty Beautifulindia Beautifulphotography
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All my Eyeem fam its been a longtime but I been on the Grind.. Check me out in the New Webseries ProjectHeat Showupfilms on Youtube Season 2 Episode 13 ... as the character HollywoodTrig leave a comment Relaxing Taking Photos Check This Out Hanging Out Enjoying Life Hi! Filming Filmmaker Filmphotography Hello World Music
Cora Fotography Ensaiofotografico Tv Webseries Prometheus
Youtube Webseries Hello World Check This Out Music Film Filming Filmphotography Filmmaker check out this New Series in Youtube Eye em Fam
YouTube: Kia Flow GoingWithTheFlow Webseries Poetry Funny Grind OneWomanShow
Going to start shooting tests this weekend Style Fashion Filming Webseries Horror Neardeathexperience Psychological Red Clothing
"The raiders of the lost Bellota"... A new taste of movie. Nikeplus Moviescene Movies Movieface Webseries Videomaker Iwasborntobeandactor Paolograssi Alchermes SPAIN Madrid Bellota Novegan
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North pole version. Often in life we ​​feel different, alone and sad without there being a real reason. Today I feel this way but I know that as the day goes on I feel more and more myself. It will still be asked: why should appeal to people of my own? I think that is time to begin again to run. God of runners give me the force or I can made a tatooo. What do you think @iamtaylor123 about this? Sad Reflession Moviescene Motivation Movieface Webseries Diaryofafatman Alchermesvideoproduction Nikeplus Runnning Godofrunners Run Runforlife
Apology of a victory in a race where there are no winners or losers but only different degrees of defeats. How to feel? Well because the last of the losers and no matter how, where or when but I'll be there, always ready to fight, on my way, for my runs, to be alive and able to feel emotions, both those beautiful that those ugly. So dear friends and not strangers to Instagram, a greeting to all and I wish you the best but not one that you can every day to win. I love you ... whoever you are. Runforlife Running Nikeplus Motivation Realheroes Roads Run Runner Runners Poetry Paolograssi Alchermesvideoproduction Webseries Movieface Moviescene Iwasborntobeandactor Instagram Instagramfriends
Alchermes begins at down. Start work at dawn, with the smell of the night that still feels in the air ... there is nothing more beautiful ... and then, I love the smell of smog in the early morning. Moviescene Moviemaker MOVIE Apocalipsenow MovieMania CameraMan Stylecamera Webseries Paolograssi
Fashion Style Filming Webseries Horror Clothing
Mit Mac Alchermesvideoproduction Webseries Movieface Moviescene Paolograssi
Another year of my life on this crazy world is about to end and as usual I found myself richer in some things and poorer than others. Life goes on and strange twist of fate (or more?) I seem to rejuvenate. Certainly the timing of the party that syartef at 23:30 are ended, indeed arrive even to doubt that we ever existed when the Saturday night see the car's clock that marks the 0:11 and you feel as if they were 02:00 .. .but go on is this. I will work for it to be a better year for me and the people I love. I want a better future (I do not care that is sustainable or not). I want the good for all and by all. If I got hurt, perhaps I deserved, if I hurt maybe they deserved it, I do not know and frankly I do not care much about the past. The past only counts if you are not satisfied with your present and you're afraid of the future. Surely the future is always a question, and that's why you do not stop fighting for the best ... but then you stop and look around and see that you are happy, your worst enemy, yourself, do not you scariest and then you have really understood that the road is the right one. Nikeplus Runner Runners Poetry Motivation Movieface Webseries Runforlife Run Life Future Reflession Likes Realheroes Bestrong Walking 1000km
Happiness Foodporn Midnightsnacks Webseries Break
Starwarsfan TheForceAwakens Alchermesvideoproduction Webseries Movieface Moviescene Iwasborntobeandactor Starwars
I'm back on the road and I feel fitter than ever. I feel free again from nightmares, from my deepest fears because I know I can run and beat them. I am not afraid of myself, now I want to know my limit, get back on top and see what is waiting for me ... and the yield is not accepted. Nikeplus Runforlife Runner Runnering Motivation Webseries Moviescene Movieface Runninginthewind MeAgainstTheWorld Paolograssi
Lose your best friend ... I did. You can only laugh thinking about the good times we had with him. Nikeplus Webseries Movieface Moviemaker Smile
Hanging Out ProjectHeat On Youtube Check This Out Hello World Taking Photos Relaxing Music check this out Asap.... Hot New Webseries on The Rise with me Playing the character Trigger!!!! Shout to my Eye em Finest
Alcide - with Thomas Veyrier EyeEm Selects Actor Portrait Lightbackground Outside Photography Webseries Camera - Photographic Equipment Camera Work Sunset_collection Warm Clothing Men Friendship Young Men Headshot Snowboarding Standing Sky