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The amazing huge natural double sea arch, Blackchurch Rock, at remote Mouthmill beach near Clovelly and Hartland, North Devon, SW England, UK. A prominent feature of the landscape it stands about 60 feet (over 18m) arch was formed by the erosion of cliffs and the angle of its rock layers and seams it shows the rock has undergone folding and immense pressures needed to do this happened during ancient geological and volcanic events caused by the meeting of tectonic the cove was used for smuggling and also for importing lime from Wales to improve in late September. Blackchurch Rock Clovelly  Mouthmill Anticline Arch Beach Beauty In Nature Eroded Faulted Formation Geological Formation Geology Layers Nature Outdoors Peak Physical Geography Rock Rock Formation Scenics - Nature Sea Syncline Tectonic Tranquil Scene Uplifted