I may not have the perfect smile or may never be skinny but I can atleast do my make up. Lol! Plumpinay Plussize Curvy Moretolove fotd nohate igers igerspinoy makeup
I always have been insecure about the way I looked. Growing up, peoples criticism about how fat I am, how much prettier I can be if I were skinny and just the thought that they think less of me as a person just because I had weight issues was depressing. But today, FUDGE IT! I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE. :D Mind your own freakin' business pls? :)) Plump Plumpinay Moretolove Curvy plussize weight idgaf girlpower selflove therealme fucksociety fat
Lmao BigBoys Noskinnydudes  Moretolove hahahaha this shit is too funny lol