Today was crazy. It was the most intense wedding set up I've ever been involved with. $30,000... ON FLOWERS. But it was awesome. And we have a great team. Florist Vscocam Theflorallife Skyline sunset fullmoon chasinglight chasingsky skychasers norwalk connecticut skyporn
How would you like a bar... On a touch tank filled with crabs?? This bride got one. Florist Weddings Theflorallife
The ambiance heading up to the cocktail hour bar area was so serene. Birch branch planters and candles. Florist Theflorallife Weddings Squaready
Cocktail hour while watching sharks? Sure! Theflorallife Florist Weddings Sharktank
The stunning centerpieces for the Wedding . Theflorallife Florist Flowers