Day by day...salad after salad... And no run for now...Diaryofatman Run AfterUN Nikeplus Paolograssi Dynadog
7,89 km...a good start. Nikeplus Run Runner Beard Agilitydog AfterUN Iliveinamovie
Good wine and Toscano, run and food Nikeplus Run Running AfterUN Italianwine Iliveinamovie Friendsister
Friday's night is great night for....fuck you!!! Diaryofatman Run AfterUN Beard Nikeplus Iliveinamovie
Relax... But the work is waiting forma me Nikeplus Run Runner AfterUN Beard Agilitydog
I feel...I fell inside me. I fell inside me. Nikeplus Run Runner AfterUN Dog Dynadog Iliveinamovie Relax
A little bit professional in a paused of my job. Next year my propose are to reduce the benzo and run almost everyday and to take the DYDADOG to the top of sell in pet food in the world, because our creation is a miracle for dogs and runner dogs.I will! Nikeplus Run Runner AfterUN Dynadog Dog Dogs Agilitydog
Tooth emotional Run Running AfterUN Iliveinamovie Paolograssi PetFood Agility
Throwback AfterUN Bestfriends Highschool
Live free die run Nikeplus Run Running AfterUN Beard Diaryofatman
This is the start. Diaryofatman Nikeplus Run Running AfterUN Paolograssi Beard
Next week with new phone and new record Nikeplus Run AfterUN
17,3 km... A good start Nikeplus Run Runner AfterUN Paolograssi Iliveinamovie
Beer party Nikeplus Run Runner AfterUN Beard Motorbike Iliveinamovie
Saturday: Angus!! After one week on green food 300gr of delucious angus with tomatos of Fasano and rucola... the goals is still far away... but I'm enjoying the journey Diaryofatman Run Running AfterUN Beard ...and tomorrow I hope to begin to run (and I'll cut hair)
Work...bit in my mind... Run Nikeplus Run Runner _ AfterUN Dynadog
Xmas in wine Nikeplus Run Runner AfterUN Dynadog Iliveinamovie Paolograssi
The time is coming Nikeplus Running Run AfterUN Paolograssi Dynadog