Ngitngit Earlier I was in the mall to shop,while walking and looking dresses and female clothes I saw a young boy crying, and I already conclude that he was lost and looking for his mum. I felt deep pity for him. So I go to him cause the other ladies who are already parents just passed by the young boy while his crying and asking them to help him. Well I ask him "what his name,his mother's name,how young he is and etc." After that I asked the sales lady and went to the customer's service. After a few minute a mother who is nervous and crying hug the young boy and kissed him. Randomkindness
40 HOURS BLACKOUT PROSIELCO intawon, ang gaba! Tingbayad na pud! Bal-Bal! Prosielco Blackout Brownout Ngitngit siquijor Philippines
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