You can see the wire's that are attached to the bobsled's :), and Tinker Bill is attached to them during the fireworks!.. but anyways enjoy the picture of the castle lol.. Disneyland Castle Disneylandcastle Disneyland_cali disneylandresort
Princess Ariel and prince Eric Disneyland_cali Disneyland Disneylandchristmasperade
bibbidi bobbidi boutique! :) Disneyland Bibbidibobbidibotique Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali princess disneyprincess fantasyland
Disneyland club 33 :). Disneyland Disneyland_cali Club33 NewOrleanssquare have any of you guys been in there ?? :)..
DISNEYLAND NewOrleanssquare Disneyland Disneycalifornia Disneyland_cali Disney club33 fun flower
Princess Ariel and Prince Eric! :) Disneyland_cali Disneyland Disneylandchristmasperade
Disneyland Hotel! It's so cold outside Disneyland_cali Disneyrides Disneycalifornia Disneylandbuttons Disneyland disneylandresort disneylandpictures disneyland_cali disnelandhotel Mickeyhat disneylover downtowndisney
Disneyland pins :).I have a lot of Cheshire cats lol :) Disneylandpins Disneyland_cali Disneyland Pins
Power house! How many of you have tried polling the door knob?? Isn't it funny lol :) Disneycalifornia Disneyland Disneyland_cali Toontown powerhouse
POWER HOUSE! :) Disneyland Disneyland_cali Toontown Powerhouse
Haunted Mansion! Disneyland Disneyland_cali Ghosts 999happyhaunts hauntedmansion
Mickey soundsational parade Mickeysoundsationalparade Disneyland Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali
Mr.Toads house! :) Disneyland Disneyrides Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali storybookcanal mr.toadshouse
This shoot came out rely good! :)..New Orleans Square. Disneyland Disneyland_cali NewOrleanssquare Staircase :)
Flowers! :) Disneyland Disneycalifornia Disneyland_cali NewOrleanssquare flower Disney disneyrides :) there soo colorful!
Look what I got for my car :) lol.. I just had to buy it...I really like it. Disneyland Disneysticker Carsticker Disneyland_cali disneylandresort disneyland loveit cute @Disneyland @Disneylandresort @disneyland_cali
Finding Nemo :). Could not rely get a good picture cuz it whas to dark and no flash allowed in the submarine.. :) Disneyland Disney Disneyland Disneyland_cali findingnemo submarine nemosubmarinevoyage
Disneyland_cali Disneyland Disneylandmainentrance Remodeling :).im posting all the pics from today
Minnie mouse's house Toontown Disneycalifornia Disneyland_cali Minniemousehouse
Indiana Jones! Disneyland Disneyland_cali Adventureland Indianajones Earlyinthemorning empty fun snake
Disneyland! Disneyland Disneyland_cali NewOrleanssquare Morning beautifull beads :). Good Morning people's!!
New Orleans Square Disneyland Disneyland_cali NewOrleanssquare Staircase
Aladdin.. more storybook canal pictures coming:) Disneyland Storybookcanal Storybookadventure Disneyland_cali
Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Disneyland_cali Piratesofthecarribean
Bibbity Bobbity Botigue ♥ Disneyland Disneyland_cali Princess Disneyprincess disneylandresort fantasyland bibbity bobbity boutique
Pooh Bear Ride! :) Disneyland Disneyland_cali Poohbearride
Good Morning! People's Californiaadventures Disneyland Disneylandresort @Disneyland Disneyland_cali
California Adventures! Disney Disneylandresort Californiaadventures Disneyland_cali
Disneyland Balloons ♥♥ Disneyland Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali Disneyballoons
Dumbo!! :) Disneyland Disneyland_cali DUMBO
Going to Pirareslairdisneyland Tomsoyerisland Disneycalifornia Disneyland_cali
Pluto!! Disneycalifornia Disneylandresort Disneyland Disneyland_cali
I'm home! :).. Disneyland Disneycalifornia Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali disney Disneylandparkingarea Disneylandtram home DisneylandTuesday yay tram disneytram disneylandlover disneypins
sleeping Beauty castle. What's your favorite Disneyland memory? :). Mine would be when I went to Disneyland for the first time, and I love going tell this day and in the coming future lol.. :) Disneyland Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali Castle sleepingbeautycastle
This is what happens when I get distracted in math lol.. :) Disneyland_cali Drawing Sketch Flower
Club33! :) Disneyland Disneycalifornia Disneyland_cali NewOrleanssquare club33 disneylandresort @club33wonderland @club33 .I've been in there twice. Have you guys been in club33 ? :).
Small world! Disneyland Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali IT 'sasmallworld
Frenchbraid! :). How does it look?? Disney Disneyland_cali Hair Braids frenchbraid havetocolorhairagain fun easy
Fountain in California Adventures. . Disneycalifornia Disney Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali disneycalifornia californiaadventures Disneyland fountain mainstreet buenavestastreet disney pretty water
Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Disneyland_cali Piratesofthecarribean
Piratesofthecarribean Disneyland_cali Disneyland
Mr.Toads wild Ride :) Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland_cali @disneylandresort Disneylandresort
Disneyland_cali Throwbackdisney Funny
Indiana Jones! :).I'll post all the pictures from today!! :) Disneyland Disneyland_cali @Disneyland Indianajones Adventureland Earlyinthemorning
Alice in Wonderland! Disneyland Disneyrides Disneylandresort Disneyland_cali aliceinwonderland cheshirecat chesirecatobssesed
Cinderella other step sister ;) Disneycalifornia Disneyland Disneyland_cali
Can you guess woch one is a new piercing?? :) Disneyland_cali
The haunted mansion! :) Disneyland Disneyland_cali . Haunted gingerbread house :).this part of the ride spells sooo good!!! Lol
Princess Bell, and Sleeping Buety Disneyland Disneylandchristmasperade Disneyland_cali
This photo is by @tannersthename he has some beautiful/amazing pictures of Disneyland and California Adventures soo if you like any of those parks you should go check out his account!! Lol :). And I was thinking if you guys wanted to do a tag thing.. like when you take a picture of Disneyland or California Adventures park and tag it to Disneyland_cali and ill pick the best picture that was submitted and feature it on my account, and ill give the winner credit!! :) soo if you want to do that let me know.