Korea Noreply I can see you, not at all
Yoooo Noreply Justchecking Imaghost imablowupyourphone next time you iggy that shit lol >:)
As easy as that... :) Texts  Noreply Okayigetit Manup hush girlsandboys dontmatter igetit okay goodluckwithyourlife nicetomeetyou couldhavebeen illmissyoubutitsok iwasokbeforeyoucame kbye
This is you @tiffbaby0701 Lolol. Yousuck Noreply
Yuppp facebook sometimes... ? Ignore Lastseen Noreply Fine don'tcare ....
Lol i know a few ppl that do this but i aint sayin no names.. you know who u are! Texting Noreply Instafunny Instadaily tagfortags like4likes