Growing up in the south I'm pretty sure most of us have experienced some type of racism, and for the one's who haven't you've been blessed. I love the south but I refuse to believe in any southern tradition that promotes hate as a matter of fact it's not a tradition it's a hatred spirit from Satan himself. How can you simply hate someone because the color of their skin. I've been taught to love my brothers and sisters equally no matter what religion, denomination, sexual preference, political party, or RACE that they are. Teach Love not Hate. Love sees no colors or boundaries. And for all the people that believe they're not racist and continually say you that they're son or daughter can't date someone because their race your I only fooling yourself. I call it like I see it. You're not born with racism it's something you learn. So what are you teaching people. Love or Hate Everybodyloveeverybody Ele Beracismfree