This snow has Troy's campus looking extra beautiful so I decided to come out at compliment it even more haha TroyU Lovemyschool Snowday Noschool
Me and my bro @gods_chosen94 got @your_peaceful_love repping our alma mater Sylacauga High!!! Yeah we putting all of Troy on the 256 SylAlumni Syl TroyU snowday2 FloridaBamaconnect she from the 850
Glad to be with my Sylacauga brother in Troy TroyU Jake Daniels lol
Me, and my bros @reginaldwaller and @jarvisrogers35 chilling on campus earlier, excuse the face that Sun was shining bright though lol TroyU
Sometimes you can't plan a night just get in your car and until you find a destination. Life is about the moments and the memories. Meeting new people, making me friends Collegelife TroyU Makingmemories @danbetheman @poon_23
Well this is gonna be an interesting year to say the least haha. I may have but gotten in the dorms I wanted to be in but I couldn't have asked for a better roommate than my own blood, my bro @gods_chosen94 Ready for the fall TroyU
Me and my bro @jacextyson on the social quad Elitetuesday Elitemen TroyUHC2K14 TroyU fresh
Me and my brother @danbetheman Last night before the kickback cooling. The kickback was an epic success and we appreciate everybody that came out and turned up with us. It got mad real last night hahaha. We'll be letting everybody know when the Kickback Part II happens. TroyU Turnt SuccessfulNight Turndownforwhat
Me and bros on Elitetuesday Elitemen Fresh TroyU TroyUHC2K14 @danbetheman @jarvisrogers35 @reginaldwaller @kayj_daily @_relphlauren
So I was at the track/soccer field today and decided to have a mini photo shoot haha I was just cutting up fr tho!! Loving this snow!!! Noschool Snowday2 TroyU Winterphotoshoot BillMiller
Had a fun night with these two beautiful young ladies!!! Aposha TroyU Nightlife
Snow day @ TroyU GoodTimes with my friends!! Noschool
Done cooked breakfast with my bro swimming @8_28_n_3days and my girl @cgilberttttt and of we had the bros with us @gods_chosen94 @danbetheman @thenicktodd and our girl @ayyydougeee cooking in the apartment Collegelife TroyU Chiling GoodTimes makingmemories
After a long day of walking around campus, meeting with advisors, getting my schedule, taking care of business, meeting new friends, reuniting with old ones @danbetheman @majgeneral my Troy Orientation/Impact is over. Can't wait to see what the fall holds. Go Trojans!!!!! TrojanMan TroyU
My life consists of late nights and early mornings... Breakfast at the waffle house 20 sausage biscuits!!! Hold excuse ma'am what come on a sausage biscuit!!?? TroyU Nightlife Nightowl
Lost footage from last night, I was feeling myself haha Troy TroyU Troyuhc2k13 can't wait for TroyUHC2K14
Me, my bros @danbetheman @eye_like_mytongue_down_low and my girls @alashaebetts and IG-less Sierra having good times we've making memories!!! Memories TroyU TroyUHC2K14
I guess you can say this weekend was a success!!! TroyU to VanderbiltU GoodTimes Makingmemories TurnUpCrew
We love for the nights we won't remember with the people we won't forget. @danbetheman @regandw @ayyemilyrae GoodTimes Makingmemories Troyuhc2k13 TroyU
Did we have a good night last night or nah? With our ride or dies TurnupTuesday only TroyU This the Pre-Spring Break turn up!!!!
The positive side of coming back home. I get to see the people I miss. Especially my girl @regandw :) Hopefully she'll be making a visit to TroyU to see me soon.
I love for the nights I won't remember with the people I won't forget @ejs_victorious TroyU GoodTimes Makingmemories
TroyU ready for the fall Ambition DreamChaser
Fun night with my future wife lol Ourjoke We make the best of our Troy nights and most importantly our college experience. Collegelife Livemas TroyU